Too Much Chilli While Pregnant Good Or Bad

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Charlene - October 7

Im Asian and 22weeks pregnant. I enjoy eating hot foods, chilli crisps etc. People are always telling me my baby is gonna cry a lot when he is born. How much truth is there in this? What do u think?


Lisa - October 7

I think that's an old wives tale...I'm in Korea and I eat a tonne of Kimchi and red pepper paste...I guess we'll both have crying babies! :)


suzie - October 7

hi charlene and lisa...i heard about eating lots of chili would make your baby hot and baby is goin to cry a lot + baby is goin to be hot temper. i'm not sure how much true is this but most of my friends said so...(btw, i'm asian too) i enjoy eating hot foods and i guess we'll just have to wait and see whether its true or not after our baby born...:)


Jess - October 7

I dont think there is any truth to that.


hi - October 7

I love jalepenos ate them all the time usually with nothing else. My first baby was the sweetest ever. Slept through the night @ 2 months. Never cried much. I am on baby #2 STILL love jalepenos, hoping lightening strikes twice and I have another incredibly mellow baby.


Lisa - October 7

They also say that eating chocolate makes your baby sweet tempered...I think that's another old wives tale as well. I've known mothers who ate lots of chocolate and there babies were no where near sweet tempered...


hi - October 7

Lisa someone actually did a "study" on chocolate one.


jb - October 7

Ive never heard of that but it sounds like an old wives tale. I eat hot stuff all the time. Now Im gonna be worried ill have a crying baby ;o)


Lisa - To Hi - October 7

Well, do you remember what they said about the outcome it had on babies?


Amber - October 7

Damn, if this is true, i better get ready for an angry baby, instead of the pickles i am eating jalepenos, all the time, atleast once a day. I really dont think that anything will happen. That would be silly!


twist - October 7

I've never heard that. I have heard that if you're near or over due date, eat lots of curry and hot stuff to induce labour, another wive's tale? I envy you, I love chilli, but now it gives me excruciating heartburn at 36 weeks, even in the tiniest amounts.


Ashley - October 8

I have heard that if the mom goes overboard on garlic or onions it can flavor the milk and make the baby upset. Maybe this could happen with hot peppers, ect, if you eat a lot of it after the baby is born? I love hot food right now and it seems to make my baby active when I'm eating it! Hope the munchkin likes it 'cause it sure tastes good right now! :)



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