Too Much Weight Gain

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Heidi - May 10

Okay I went to my appt yesterday and my midwife told me I gained 17 lbs! Holy c__p! That's a lot for me as I was super thin to begin with. She said at 16.5 wks I should only gain about 10 lbs by 20 wks. Yikes! So she said to stop eating all the junk and replace it with fruit instead as I never eat fruit really. So this morning that's all I've eaten and I swear it makes me even more hungry. So is it bad if I lose a few lbs at this stage? I plan to exercise more too now that the weather is nice and I'm not sick anymore. I'm not going to stop eating or anything, just eat much better things!


Amara - May 10

Hi Heidi... What have you been eating?


J - May 10

I was thin to start too, 115 pounds and my dr. told me that I might gain a little more than most people at first because my body needs it. I go in for my next appt. on Thursday and I am worried my 13 week appt. I had already gained 7 pounds so I'm sure I've gained at least 10 by now, 17 weeks. I'll let you know. My dr. also said people go in spurts - some months you'll gain more than others. Oh, I've also exercised through the whole pregnancy so far, 30 min. at least 3 times a week, so I was surprised that I had gained 7 pounds last time. I just keep telling myself that I'm about 1/2 way through and as long as the baby is healthy...right!! Good luck and don't try to diet now, it will only make you miserable, but do try to eat some more fruit and veggies. :)


Heidi - May 10

Well during my first trimester I felt sick 24/7 but if I ate it made me not throw up, which I never threw up either cus I was constantly snacking on carbs and I craved nothing but junk. But then at about 13 wks I went back to my regular eating habits which were pretty normal. Not lots of junk but I noticed I'd eat bigger meals and so on. She did say I might have hit my growth spurt so to say as some women hit it earlier in their pregnancy than others. I will definately try to cut out the chips and c___p like that. I do love chips and dip but not a big candy person. I admit we've been so busy lately that we eat a lot of Taco Johns and McDonalds :) So I'll eat more healthy things instead of the big mac and fries!


J - May 10

I know what you mean, we had spaghetti for supper last night and I ate just as much as my husband. I also LOVE chips and dip right now, but I have also developed this sweet tooth that I never had before. I wish I was craving apples and carrotts or something!


Heidi - May 10

Oh yum, spaghetti sounds so good right now. My co-worker brought some in for lunch and here I am with a c___ppy banana and fruit cup. I'm thinking of hitting him over the head and stealing it. I already ate an apple and strawberries for breakfast so maybe I'll run and get something heavier for lunch and use the fruit as an afternoon snack. Fruit just does not fill me up. It makes my stomach growl worse! No more chips for me!


J - May 10

Too Funny, I had 2 rice cakes and some yogurt for breakfast and my stomach is growling and I'm getting hunger pains! I can't wait for lunch, maybe I'll have left over spaghetti! :)


Heidi - May 10

Well I'm eating a banana and I'm just starving. I think I'll get some frozen mac n cheese for lunch or something. The fruit just isn't sticking to my ribs. Not a good breakfast choice. I think I'll just eat it as snacks in between meals cus it does NOT keep my stomach from growling! Ha ha!


amanda - May 10

you should just replace the snacks with fruit or veggies, it will really help. i don't know how you could survive on a banana and fruit cup for lunch girl, eat something with substance. now that the weather is nice you can go for walks which will help. i had a super skinny friend who gained 65 pounds (jaws are on the floor right now) and she looks great today. don't starve yourself!!!!


CB - May 10

I am 5 4 and weighed 130 before pregnancy. I have already gained 20lbs and I am 22 weeks. I eat mostly healthy foods with occasional caves to my cravings. I walk everyday but have still seemed to put the weight on??? Is this too much?


Heidi - May 11

My doc said at about 20 wks I should have gained 10 lbs. I gained 17! What did your doc tell you? Mine didn't make a big deal about it. She said I may have just hit my biggest weight gain period early. She just said try to eat more fruit and veggies instead of carbs and potato chips. Sob.....


J - May 11

Okay, I tried to be really good today. Rice cakes and some crackers for breakfast and a snack...then fruit and carrotts with dip at lunch. Now I'm pretty much starving and can't wait to get home and make supper. I am proud of myself though, I really really wanted chips and dip instead of carrotts and dip at lunch so I'm one up! I go to the dr. tomorrow for my 17 week appt. and I will let you know where I'm at. Wish me luck!!!


ES - May 11

Ok I am starving and you are trying to eat healthy. First I was pregnant during the holidays and everyone gains weight then so do we have to count that as weight gain???????? Next I have gained 18 lbs in 30 weeks if you go off my lowest weight ever. But according to the doctor I have only gained 10. I don't think the holiday weight should count since I would have gained that anyway. Also the girlscouts came in at lunch time one day and sold me cookies and I mean a lot of cookies. That was underhanded. They shouldn't count either. I want a nice ceaser salad, shrimp scampi and a steak. MMMMMmmmm. I can't do fruit. At least not as a meal- maybe a banana split....


~S~ - May 11

Isn't it the smaller you are before becoming pregnant, the more weight you'll put on, as compared to a heavier set woman. I'm not overweight, but I'm not thin either, but I've put on 6lbs. I'm 6 months and I know that's a little amount of weight for how far along I am, I was actually more than 6lbs last month, I ended up losing 6-8lbs. I was concerned but I saw my Dr. today and she said that it's okay, just as long as the baby is growing at a healthy rate and it is. She said she had a patient that ended up losing 15-20lbs during her pregnancy due to a truamatic stress related event and her baby was born healthy. So, I'm not too worried, just as long as I continue to try to eat healthy and keep up with my prenatal vitamins.


Heidi - May 12

J - How did your appt go? I've been cutting out bad snacks now but after lunch I just had to send someone to get me a snickers. I can't resist but I'll wait till two pm to eat it so it tides me over till supper time. Then after dinner I'm going to the gym for an hour. Oh, it's a king size too. I couldn't resist. I'm going to hell for sure! I've eaten tons of fruit the last two days!


J - May 12

My appt. is this afternoon, so I will let you know tomorow morning. I was really bad last night and at 3 monster cookies and a cookies n cream ice cream bar. Heidi, you think you're going to hell for sure...I already have my ticket! I'll let you know tomorrow morning right away. :)


Heidi - May 12

Ha ha! Okay I don't feel so bad now! At least I'll know someone down there. LOL! Good luck!



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