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w - February 12

Hi, I'm about 5ft tall but wen i got pregnant I was about 2 st overweight. Now I'm in my 22nd week of my pregnancy and I feel that my baby is very small. I just look fat, I am getting very worreid that it may not be growing. I did have my 20 week scan and the lady told me that it's growing averagly, but they have told me to go back on week 24 and she said 'come back wen the baby is a bit more fatter'. Do u think my mind is doing overtime, my husband also thinks that I'm measuring very small, but can it have anything to do with ur height and the way ur frame is?? Please reply with ur thoughts x


Sm - February 12

Im not sure, but if your that worried, you should write this down so you can take to your next Appt, so that you wont forget to ask your dr. She's really the best to ask and put your worries aside.... Good luck and im sure if something were really bad she would of said at that 1st appt.... Dont think negative.


trish - February 14

it does depend on your frame. everyone carries differently. its sometimes kind of hard to judge yourself. I only gained 1 pound my whole last pregnancy and I didnt show much at all but my son was born 6pds 12 oz and 18 1/4 inches. My point i'm trying to make is everyone is different and with each baby you have its different to. Does your dr seem worried? I had 1 dr tell me that I was having a big baby (she said 7 pounds already) when I was 7 months and then the following dr appt I was told by my dr that I had a "goodsize" baby (I asked and she said she meant average size) so sometimes its hard for the drs to tell too. they will let you know if they are worried or think something is wrong. try to relax. I know easier said than done.


kc - June 21

i just had an abortion last may 19. after that i began having s_x on june 14. can there be a possibility that i may be pregnant? thnx.


Joanna - June 21

Hi w: I'm 5ft 3 inches tall and thin....i was underweight prior to conception (1st preg)...108 lbs...i am at week 20, weigh 113 lbs and dont show-up too...i have my u/s next month...but i just felt the junior move. also, i asked my doc abt not showing-up and she said tat the baby is fine and will take care of'll get wat it needs and grow...if at there is any problem, it would be for the relax and enjoy ur preg. !!!



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