Took Afp Blood Test And Got Bad Results

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Michelle - February 25

my dr called and said my blood came back high for possible neural tube defects. i have to go the hopital for an ultrasound and genetic counsling. help, so scared....


Star - February 27

I know it's scary and overwhelming. Please try not to panic until you know exactly what the situation is. It may help to read up on the type of defect the doctor told you about so you can go in with questions already prepared. Wishing you the best.


Maleficent - February 27

don't panic yet! that test has an *extreamly* high rate of false results. of all the women who get a negitive result off the test a huge percentage go on to have perfectly healthy babies. there is a good chance that everything is perfectly fine.


Michelle - February 28

i am trying, thanks for your support.


Meechy - February 28

Michelle try not to worry. i got the same result, so did my sister who had a healthy baby and so did my co-worker who also went on to have a healthy baby. when i was first told of my high test results, i didn't worry because my genetic counselor told me that because i was over 35 that this would probably happen. i was given the option of an amnio which i declined.i opted for the other option which was the 2D ultrasound which checks baby measurements in baby is growing at a normal rate and all bodyparts appear normal, so i am not worried. The most important thing for me is my faith in God. I know in my heart that my baby is healthy so I don't worry. I am 21weeks and wish you well. RELAX


BBK - February 28

Michelle, afp results have up to 29% false positive rate, statistically useless, and create anxiety in expecting parents for no good reason. Go though with the counseling and the ultrasound, and don't worry, it's probably another false positive.


Nicole - February 28

I went in last Tuesday because my AFP test came back positive for DS. (1:255) We went in for the genetic counciling and the level II US. Everything looked great! We decided to get the amnio done anyway and so now we are just wating for the results. I have no worry that my baby is normal and healthy. This test is wrong a lot. Try not to worry


Michelle - March 1

Thanks so much for your support. i have been trying not to think about it, but it's hard. I am 29 years old with our first child and I have had complications since the beginning with spotting and a low placenta and now this. I pray everyday that everything is ok. I go March 9th for the level II ultrasound. Wish us luck!


Michelle - March 1

Nicole, good luck. let me know what happens with the amnio..


tara - March 1

it is true that these tests have a lot of faulse negatives. My doctor has prepared me for bad results, but said that there are alot of people who get a bad blood test but there is nothing wrong with the baby. Keep thinking positive thoughts. Good luck


Nicole - March 7

I just wanted to update that we got the amnio results today and everything is fine.....and it's a girl. Yeah! I had been sooooo worried.


citrouille - March 8

Michelle, both my sister and a close friend of mine got positives and it turned out to be negative! They both have beautiful healthy baby girls today! Don't sorry too much.. could be a false negative


Ashley - March 9

I had the same thing happen to me when I was pg with my daughter. The doctor a__sured me I was 4 months and did these tests and it came back bad too. They call me at work and said you need to come into the office for an emergency Ultrasound. I said WHY, the nurse says well we think your baby has NO BRAIN, PART of a BRAIN or no spine!!! The right away set us up for counsling to possible terminating the pregnancy. I was so scared!!!! I went in ansd saw my baby girl waving at me , she was perfectly fine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was only 2 months pregnant, so of course the fetal protein wouldnt measure to 4 months! I switched doctors ASAP that day. My daughter is 6 and a straight A student and they want her to be moved a a grade because she is so advanced. We all know she has more than enough brain LOL. You'll be fine! Just pray and keep good spirits, positive att_tude. I am 19 weeks with my third now and now our doctors around here offer those tests as an option and I turned them down....I hope all is well for you and your baby. I will keep you in my prayers.


Michelle - March 11

Hello everyone, I had the ultrasound on March 9. Everything is perfect. They said oh it looks like it was false/positive but your baby is fine. They also told me that my placenta which was low in the beginning moved. We are sooo thrilled and ready to enjoy the rest of the pregnancy. Thank you to everyone for helping me through this. Good Luck to everyone. We are due July 23....


Michelle - March 11

Nicole, Congrats, I am so happy it worked out.... Good Luck



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