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Continuing the Club - May 2

For all the loving mothers who are due in November. You are welcomed to this forum.


Desiree - May 2

Hey ladies... for those of you who are moving into the second trimester, our club is continued in here! Congrats and I'll see you in here on Saturday!!!


Mythili - May 2

Hello Everyone. I am now officially 12 weeks 3 days pregnant. So glad to join you all in second Trimester.


v - May 3

Hi gals! I made it. Had my first doc appt and all went well. Heard the heart beat at 155 and was officially at 13wks. can't wait to chat with everyone!


......... - May 3

well since im due in september, i'll just leave .thx bye


I'm glad this is successful! - May 4

Hope all of you are feeling great.


Kimber - May 4

Drats! I'm still over on the First Trimester board. But not for long! I'll be seeing you all here in a week and a half! Yippey! Make room!


jb - May 4

Hi everyone! I am 14 weeks today and pregnant with twins. edd 11/2 next Dr's appointment is on 5/12. Hope to hear nice heart beats then!


Lynn - May 5

I can't wait to be over here... someone please save me from those nasty biotches in the 1st trimester.. When we had this thread going over there everyone was polite & honest & nice to talk to.... Now there's a bunch of opinionated nasty hormonal ladies back there with me.... 2 more weeks:)


v - May 5

Lynn, Sorry to hear that you have biothches there with you! Won't find any on this thread!


Steph - May 6

WE MADE IT! YEAAAA!!!! I am officially starting my 2nd trimester today!!! I am so glad to be on this thread!!!! I am so excited to have made it through the 1st trimester and am so looking forward to this one! YEA! How is everybody feeling? -- Lynn, You should come on over now... that stinks that you aren't having a good experience on the other thread!!


Steph - May 8

Can't wait for the rest of our group to join us in 2nd trimester! Happy Mother's Day to everybody!!!!


v - May 9

Steph, congrats on making it over. I got to see the little one for the first time on friday! It was so unbelievable. Of course took home the pics! 14 wks today!


Steph - May 9

V - that is AWESOME! Congratulations!!! I am so glad you got to see your little one! Seems to make it so much more real! I am so glad you are over here!!!


SRG - May 9

Well I guess I can come over here now. I will be 14 weeks on Thrusday. Feeling pretty good these days. One question, does anyone have trouble with their bowel movements, I am having trouble, constipation, and also just nervous too even go.


v - May 9

Thanks Steph. SRG I have that problem too but since I have been drinking so much water and eating alot of fruit it has been making it easier to go. I also every other day have a big gla__s of prune juice. Welches seems to be the sweetest and easiest to swallow. Oh yeah, Welcome!


SRG - May 9

Thanks V for the advise. I am always eating fruit. Water on the other hand, I need to get better at drinking my water, I just hate water. I know that is crazy! Well hope your pregnancy is going well.



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