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SRG - May 9

Thanks V for the advise. I am always eating fruit. Water on the other hand, I need to get better at drinking my water, I just hate water. I know that is crazy! Well hope your pregnancy is going well.


v - May 9

SRG, You can get naturally flavored water which might help, try adding some lemon juice or just watering down regular juice. I don't like tap water it all has to be bottled or hot!


Desiree - May 10

Hey Ladies, Officially made it over here now. I can't wait until Brooke gets done with her cla__ses so she can join us again. Well I had a little scare yesterday. Was driving with my husband and all the sudden I couldn't see, my vision was all blurry and I thought I was going to faint. I couldn't breathe and my heart was going really fast. So I had to go in to my doctor right away. She said that all looks well with the baby. She said that I'm dehydrated and that I need to get more sleep than I am. Even though I have been getting like 10 hours a night on weekdays and more on the weekends. I thought I was drinking alot because all i drink is water but aparantly not! I don't know how I can drink any more. But she said I need to. It was really scary, I wasn't allowed to drive yesterday and obviously couldn't go to work. Some things about this pregnancy really suck! I know its all worth it, but man why so many bad symptoms! HAha... well I hope everyone is feeling great.


Brooke "Mama" Crow - May 10

Here I am!!!! I've missed ya'll so much. Finals last week just liked to almost kill me. But, it looks like I was able to somehow pull off another round of straight-A's ... yippee!!! Two more semesters and I'm through (well, kinda ... then I get to go for my MFA) ... The university's theatre dept chose my play to perform next spring, and I am excited. I just got back from the doctor's office, and I heard my baby's heartbeat for the first time. It was high (170) ... oh boy, it's a girl, huh? I've only gained one pound since last month (and three pounds total.) They took my temperature, and I promptly gagged and threw up. I'll sure be glad when my gag-reflex settles down ... the nausea is still kicking my a__s.


Kimber - May 10

That's it. I'm cheating. My second trimester begins in 4 days but I'm moving on over here y'all! There's crickets chirping in the First Trimester Forum! Desiree, that was a scary ordeal you had! I hope you're feeling better now! Hi Brooke!!! I'm happy to *see* you again! I just heard my baby's heartbeat for the first time, too! I didn't ask what the rate was, but the doc said it was good and strong! Okay, I'm just going to lurk for 4 more days until I'm official. :)


Steph - May 10

Brook and Desiree - WELCOME BACK! We have missed you over here in this forum! Kimber - come on over! Our two leaders are back! YEA! Brooke - WOW, I am so impressed...good luck on all your studies! I really wanted to go back to school to get my MBA, but my DH decided to get his MS and I really don't want 2 sets of student loans! He actually will be defending his thesis in November - hope they know we are due in November - I can just see me going into labor while he is defending! HA! Desiree- I am so glad that you and baby are ok... that would have scared the c___p out of me! Very glad to hear all is well!!! - TO EVERYONE - are you all showing yet? I have a little bump and there is a lady here at work who everyone keeps comparing me too... she is VERY pet_te and is 6 months pregnant and you can barely tell! I am 5'7" - pre preg weight 127, so I am not a big girl, but geez.. I feel HUGE and now everyone is saying I am gaining weight too fast.


lilmum - May 11

ok, i will be 12 weeks tomorrow, so rather than prolong the agony of waiting, i think i will just move over today :) It seems like forever since i've 'seen' most of you, and it's so weird having the gang all split up. A few more weeks and we'll all be here, then we won't have to do this again until the third trimester. Have any of you actually lost the morning sickness yet? Will it happen soon?? My last pregnancy i didn't lose it until about 15 or 16 weeks, so i'm hoping for it to go sooner. Making it this far seems like such a milestone.


Brooke "Mama" Crow - May 11

Okay. I want to know if ya'll are battling over baby names yet. The boy name is not an issue because I'm so sweet (why, of course, your son should be named after you, darling, no questions asked.) But does my unquestionable sweetness grant me the reciprocal gift of choosing a name for a little girl? Does it? Huh? Does it? No! And so, my feelings are beyond crushed, and I need my Topaz girls to help me fight off this tornatic urge to wring his neck in spinning fury. Excuse me while I stopm off to my room and cry, cry, cry ... and find my stash of salty pistachios, baby goldfish and ... and ... my hershey kisses. (Sniffle. Sniffle.) I'll be back later.


Kimber - May 11

Brooke, this is so uncanny. You know how we talked about how much we have in common? You won't believe that I have a stash of salty pistachios and Hershey kisses, too! I just about died when I read that!! I know what you mean about naming your baby. We've agreed on a girl name, but if it's a boy my husband is adamant about naming him William after his father. I know I should respect that, but his father was a cantankerous old man that I took care of for 6 years before he died (3 weeks ago). I'm sorry if I sound callous, you had to have been here! Anyway, I don't want my son named William. I don't like the name! This will be a fight til the end! Brooke, pa__s the pistachios please...


Brooke "Mama" Crow - May 11

Oh, Kimber! Really?!?!? You like salty pistachios and chocolate, too?!? Do you like to suck on the kisses until they melt alittle and then pop a pistachio in there and chew it up? Oh how very funny. We do have more in common. I'm sorry about your trial with your father-in-law ... that had to be a challenging, character-building experience. The name game is not fun at all ... but I feel better now. (I shaved my head.) I hope I'm alive when hubby gets home from work. If ya'll don't hear from me later tonight or tomorrow ... I've enjoyed visiting with ya'll.


Kimber - May 11

Oh, you are just too funny! You didn't REALLY shave your head, did you Brooke?????


Brooke - May 11



To Kimber from GI Jane - May 11

I just sent you an email ... I gotta go clean up and get started on supper.


Kimber - May 11

GI Jane??? BWAHAHAHA! I'm sorry, but that's so funny! Got your email and answered it. It's only hair, Brooke! (or in your hair) It'll grow back!! Will it make you feel better if we all shave our heads? :)


BC - May 11

Kiss my a__s :)


Mama Crow - May 11

Just a quick check in ... it's 4:20 ... ha ... I've got an hour to go till he get's home. Oh, boy. Uh, my girls seem ... well, they seem somewhat supportive of me. I forgot to think about their reactions ... ladies, I believe I've really done something rather stupid. Gotta go!



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