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Kimber - May 17

V, you shouldn't feel guilty at all. Just be there for your friend and let her know she's in your prayers. Help her to keep a positive att_tude about her situation and at the same time be happy for yourself. Hugs and Belly Rubs to you!


Desiree - May 17

hmm... i'm bored.... craving mashed potatoes and ham with carrots and green beans... MMMMMM!!!! haha.... i think i'm having a little boy... if all that they say about what is true with symptoms I have them all... i used to LOVE CHOCOLATe.. but hardly want it anymore.... its crazy.. i would rather eat a steak then a piece of chocolate... i get headaches and not morning sickness....i just want a healthy baby!!! and I do realize i'm talking to myself right now..... but you ladies will read this later and laugh at me.. haha... xoxoxo to all our little babies


Christy - May 17

Hello, ladies. How are you all doing? Desiree- that's cool you felt the baby move. How far along are you and what did it feel like? All I seem to be feeling lately is gas- ugh. So I have a question for you all. When did you start showing? I am only 12w3d and people who know me say I am showing. People who don't know me have no clue. (I am 5'9" with a pretty normal weight.) One thing is for sure- my pants are getting tight around the waist! It was close this morning, and I am pretty sure that the pair I wore today will not fit by next week (as my husband gleefully pointed out to me this morning.) I don't know. I thought I had a couple more weeks before it would be noticeable, but I guess everyone is different.


DESIREE - May 18

Christy, I am 14w and 5 days.... People who know me say I am showing, but people who don't know me don't have a clue... and I guess I'm okay with that for now, because pretty soon we'll all be so big and probably hating it.. haha.... it'll be uncomfy and all sorts of stuff... but anyways... the days are getting shorter for me.. its starting to be summer out where I live.. and i'm loving every minute of it... finally feel like i could hit the gym again... yippee!!! things are going to go fast! looking forward to it as well.... hope everyone is feeling peachy!


v - May 18

Thanks Desiree and Kimber. You made me feel a whole lot better. I too tried on pants this morning that fit me 4days ago and they don't fit! As for cravings Desiree I crave anything with cheese! Not great for the constipation but oh well. Chocolate is not an issue with me either basically not much sweets at all. At least that will help cut down on the weight gain. :) I am glad to hear that everyone is feeling well. I have energy at night but still no s_x drive! What am I gonna do? Thank god my bf is understanding so far anyways. Gotta run lots of work to get done today. Have a great day everyone!


Steph - May 18

Hey ladies, long time no talk! I have been reading through the posts. I, too am 14w5d... my clothes are definitely uncomfortable. My pants are too tight to b___ton and zip all the way up, so I purchased some of the Bella Bands and they work great! Nobody knows my pants are undone, and I feel a billion times more comfortable. I had my 3rd Dr. appt. yesterday. They weren't able to hear the heartbeat on the last appt, but it was loud and clear yesterday. SOO EXCITING! I made my ultrasound appt. for June 23rd to find out the s_x and totally can't wait. My Dr. said that I could schedule it at 18 weeks, which is the around the 16th of June... but, she is out and I want to schedule both the u/s and appt. for the same day, so I have to wait another week! AHHHH!!!!!! I am glad everybody is doing well! I love reading these posts, they make me feel so normal!!!! :)


DESIREE - May 18

HMMM just wanted to say hi... our gang sure isnt as busy as it used to be... i am wondering why/?? where did everyone go? there must be a better club out there.... haha :)


Jodie - May 19

Hello. I am due november 22nd. Anyone in this gang from washington?


jess - May 19

hey topaz ladies....i'm due oct 18...i've seen your forum several times and just wanted to pop in and say i finally clued into your name......duh!!! prego hormoness.........haha...anyway, happyt healthy pregnancys to all.....cheers!!


A - May 19

I think topaz is the NOV. birthstone


Desiree - May 19

Good morning ladies! welcome Jodi, Jess, and A..... topaz is the birthstone of November.. we started this club in the first trimester forum and it used to have November in the t_tle so when we changed most everyone knew what we were... but i guess its not as clear as we thought! oh well.. you made it here and are welcome to stay as long as you'd like.... i hope everyone is feeling great... i'm sitting at work.. bored out of my mind wishing the time would pa__s so i can go home... UGH.... anyways... hope everyone is well....


Kimber - May 19

Hey girls, how's everyone feeling today? I'm feeling much better than the first trimester, but I still have to pee a lot! At 12 weeks 5 days, I'm really showing much sooner than I wanted to! Everyone get to the store for some cocoa b___ter! It saved me from stretch marks through 2 pregnancies so far!


lilmum - May 19

hey ladies. Hello to our new girls. If you want to just chat about being pregnant (or pregnant life), your welcome to stay! I have my prenatal appointment today! i am so excited! I am only 13 weeks, but i feel HUGE. I can feel the lump in my belly now when i sit down, or lean or something. I will check in later. Have a good day (ALMOST THE LONG WEEKEND YAY!) anyone else planning to see the new star wars movie?? I don't care if i sound like a complete nerd, but i am so dang excited!! i can't wait!


lilmum - May 19

PS, i think it's almost time to start a new thread.. this one is getting really long!


Desiree - May 19

you're right.. this thread is getting really long... i'll make a new one....



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