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June 4, 2005 - June 4

Good Morning, Ladies. Best wishes for all of us in the month of June. Most of us are almost halfway there until our precious babies are born. Though each and every one of us are different in our own unique way ... we all have something special in common: the bond of NOVEMBER. May we all strive to support and uplift each other.


Steph - June 4

Hey ladies, long time no post! Work has been CRAZY! I never have any time anymore it seems! ICK! All is well here. We (hopefully) get to find out the s_x on June 23rd, and we can't wait! We originally were going to be able to find out around the 16th, but my Dr. is out that week, and I wanted to schedule the ultrasound and appt. for the same day! oh well, one mroe week won't hurt! How is everybody? I sure do miss reading the posts all the time. Hopefully, work will slow down, so I can become active again. So, my stomach is definitely pooching now... WOW! I finally LOOK pregnant, how fun!!!! I love it! I am officially wearing maternity clothes, but they are still HUGE! I need to go and catch up on the last post and see how everybody is doing! I am sure all well! Talk to you all soon!!!


lilmum - June 4

Hey girls. Less than two weeks until i get to see my baby. I'm still really scared we won't be able to find out the s_x, because i'll only be 17 weeks.. so cross your fingers for me. I went out and bought this nice dress/shirt thing today. It's supposed to be a long shirt, but i'm not quite 5'4 so it comes to my knees. I'm really happy with it because if this pregnancy is anything like the last, i have atleast another 6 weeks until i fit into maternity clothes, but i'm already growing out of my regular clothes. So i'm hoping, for the summer while it's hot, i can wear this as a dress, and when i get big by fall, it'll be too short, so i can wear it as a shirt with pants and be warm. I've become very neurotic about what i'm buying this time around. I can't help it, i wasted alot of money on things that were never worn last time. I'm hoping to buy alot of stuff now that will fit for most of my pregnancy, and again after the baby is born while i get into shape. I had NOTHING after my baby was born last time. Too small for the maternity clothes again, but a couple sizes too big for my regular clothes again. I don't know about you ladies, but having no choice but to wear sweats when then belly is finally gone is just depressing. Definate motivation to lose the weight tho! LOL. Oh well, enough of my chattering.. hope to hear from you all soon.. pretty soon we'll ALL being going for ultrasounds and this will be one busy place!


Brachah - June 6

Where is everybody? Haven't heard from many of you in a while ... how is every one? We seem to be doing fine. Have an appt in the morning. Hope everyone had a nice weekend.


Mythili - June 6

I am 17 weeks 3 days pregnant today. I got my ultrasound this evening. I am so scared and anxious. what can I expect at this visit? what should I be askign the technician?


ca__sandra c. - June 6

We just went to the beach this past weekend. I got pretty burnt......only on my legs though. I guess I forgot to put sunscreen there. Anyways so @ work today the air conditioner was broken and it was like 85* outside, so not only was I hot b/c of no AC, I was sunburnt and radiating heat as well as getting hotflashes. ugh! Then I ended up with a ma__sive headache.... :( BUT, other than that I just had a doctor's appointment this past Thursday. Everything is going well, my uterus is where it needs to be, she has confirmed the mvoement I feel, and the heartbeat for week 15.5 is 148 down from 160 during week 11.5. How cute!!! I have noticed however how much energy is being drained from my body lately. Who know such a little thing could reek so much havoc on your body? I guess I should start eating more! (Hey, no complaints here!)


Brachah - June 7

Mythili - how was your us? Did you find out boy or girl? Ca__sandra - how many weeks are you? Where do you live (going to the beach sounds marvelous). My appt this morning didn't go very well ... I have to see a specialist/surgeon next week (the 15th) and a high-risk specialist on the 23rd. My eyes hurt from crying. God bless.


ca__sandra c. - June 7

we live in Pittsburgh, PA but my husband's uncle has a place in Ocean City, MD. So, since we're saving up our vacation time for when we go on maternity leave, we're just going on a few weekend trips there. Next time, however I will be wearing some sunblock! lol I am 16 weeks 1 day


Brachah - June 7

Me too ... 16 weeks one day ... you must be due November 21, huh? Wow.


NEw Mommie - June 8

I am due June 26 less than 20 days from now and I am ready ready ready. Baby dust to you Novemeber mommies.


Christy - June 8

Hi, ladies. It's been a while. How is everyone? I am hiding out from the heat in the AC today. Anyway, I went to the OB Monday and everything was fine. US is scheduled for 6/30, and I go back in two weeks for the quad marker screen. I wasn't going to do it initially, but I changed my mind. I also have to get a 2D echo US of the baby's heart the week of July 4. My hubby had a sister who died as an infant because she was missing a chamber in her heart. Hopefully, everything will be fine. I'm not too worried at this point. Maybe when we have it. . . . Funny thing is that I was feeling awesome up until yesterday. My stomach and abdomen are so crampy and ga__sy today. I woke up in considerable pain this morning. It goes away for a while then comes back. If it doesn't feel better tomorrow, then I'm calling the doctor. Anyone else have this happen?


Brachah - June 9

Hey, LilMum! How's it going for you? I've been wondering where Desiree and Kimber are hiding these days.


Brachah - June 9

Oh, and Christy? Yes, I have had that happen and I know what you mean about the pain. It comes and goes ... but I prefer it during the "goes." Haha - I wonder what is causing it for us? Should we track down what we eat?


Hi everybody - June 13

Hope we all had a great weekend!


lilmum - June 13

well hey girls, long time no chat. How are you all feeling? I feel like a blimp. I am 16 weeks 4 days today, and i actually fit into my maternity clothes (i have been waiting for my belly to get big enough to fit into those pants, but they are still too big in the leg and hips, but they are XS, so i don't have any choice, i definately can't wear my regular jeans anymore) I wore the same pants during my last pregnancy, and they weren't fitting until around 23 weeks, so i'm getting comments left and right about twins (which i'm sure i'm not, and HOPE i'm not, i am WAY too tiny to have two babies). I am so excited, I have my ultrasound on thursday, so i will be exactly 17 weeks, and i'm really hoping i will get to find out the s_x of my baby. Everyone is hoping for a girl again this time (had a boy last time), but i'm not really sure what to think. I guess that's why i want to know so bad, I have no intuition of any kind, i honestly have no clue. Does anyone else seem more tired lately? I seem to remember feeling more energy in the beginning of the second trimester, not twice as exausted! It's been a rough weekend, my son is sick, so therefore, unreasonable and just plain cranky. I am having such a hard time even sleeping lately, i can't get comfortable and my hips and lower back are just killing me. I started feeling movement in the last couple of weeks and now it's all the time. I start crying everytime it moves because i'm so happy and excited, but no one ever knows what's the matter with me.. It's embarra__sing already! LOL. Well gotta run, drop in and let us know how your doing ladies..



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