Torn As To What I Should Do

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skylersmom - May 7

i am 23 and 5 months pregnant right now. i want to start the process of enrolling into school. i am so bored with being a stay at home mom.....i love it and i love being with my son but i want to start my schooling because its something i really want to do. is this a good idea to do with a new baby on the way? i mean, i will take night classes so my kids will be with their dad when i do go. so its not like i would be leaving a new baby with a stranger. any opinions would be appreciated.


HannahBaby - May 7

i would take night cla__ses and leave babies with daddy. No one else will care for your kids like family, unless you can get a close family member to watch them during the day, i would opt for night cla__ses. Iam against daycare and strangers watching our children


ThePezChick - May 7

I say go for it! Don't give up a dream, especially if your children's dad is able to care for them. Kudos to you for doing it!


skylersmom - May 7

thanks so much for replying! i printed out the application off the school website and i want to fill it out so bad! i was just waiting for some feedback. thanks!


skylersmom - May 7

does anyone know if its possible to start in the summer, take the fall semester off since the baby is coming in september then start going back again the semester right after that?


Tanya2 - May 7

Good idea, i think u will need a little rest with a new born, but things are usually easier when they are 3 months and older. If you can take summer cla__ses, do that now and then u can continue when your baby is older.


Susan W - May 7

It's totally possible to start cla__ses, stop and then pick up where you left off IF the cla__ses you need next in the series are being taught that semester. At many universities, one cla__s is taught that fall and then the next in the coursework is taught that spring and then they go back to the first course that fall. Summer cla__ses may not be core cla__ses for a degree, depending on what the degree is in and the size of the university. I even had to take some cla__ses that were only taught every other year. So check that out before you plop down money and start something that you may end up sitting out a year on if that happens. Good luck to you. But I envy you . .. I don't have time to be bored as a SAHM :) and I have three degrees, one a professional degree, and chose to stay home -- I don't hardly sit down! LOL


Chrissythefairy - May 7

if i were id do what im doing. I am currently a college student, i am taking the fall semester off and i am going to go to school in Jan for the spring sememster. I am about 22 weeks so i am due in sept wich is the begining of the fall semester and since im going to have a newborn that will be to much to handle at once. I am however taking summer cla__ses this may-june its one night cla__s on mondays. I really dont think you should try and go in the fall though like my mom said "You dont wana go into labor at school do you!" lol when she said that i was like OH YEAH ur right! i guess i gotta take off.


squished - May 8

You can also take some of your cla__ses on the computer and these will count towards your degree. I've even taken Anatomy & Physiology and did my labs at home. It's kind of hard to be almost on your own learning this stuff but it gives you great freedom for baby, vacation, whatever.


kmwebber - May 8

Going to school is a great idea. I am currently going to school and am 14 weeks pregnant with my second child. I am due to graduate at the end of October and the baby is due November 1st. I think I timed that just right. Hopefully the baby doesn't come to early so that I can finish my last cla__s.


MystinaAlise - May 8

ok i was wondering if anyone knew if a college will work with you when your pregnant... i am enrolled to take cla__ses this fall (and im due in oct) i didnt want to fail the cla__ses because of attendence (sp?) but i know im going to have to take a week or two off when i have the baby... do you think they will work with me? like maybe send me the work at home or something?


skylersmom - May 8

yeah i was kinda wondering the same thing Mystina



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