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Lindy - May 6

Is anyone else HATING other women at the minute?? Im 24 weeks today and have gained about 12lbs. Ive become super posessive over my partner and i want to kill all skinny women...pregnancy is really chilling me out...NOT! Love seeing my belly move in the bath... all the hardships become insignificant when you get a little kick...congrats everyone and good luck with your journeys!!


Misty - May 6

:-) I was loking at that thinking that right now you must still look like one of those skinny women!! Only 12lbs. at 24 weeks is awesome. :-) I am 17 weeks today and I am loving the beginning feelings of those little kicks. I get more and more excited everyday.


Lindy - May 6

I know me too!!Just cant wait to meet the little angel! Comforting to hear you think my weight gain is normal... feel HUGE, everywhere is growing at a rate of knotts, and my t_ts resemble a dead heat in a zepplin race!! How much have you gained? How big is your bump?


Misty - May 6

Right now I am not too sure with the weight gain thing. I have a doctors appointment today so I will find out the bad news soon. But it is probably somewhere around 7-10 pounds for 17 weeks. I have a belly that you can see in some clothes, but not in all. I think it just looks like a fat belly though in those clothes. Not a pregnant one :-) Can't wait for people to know I am pregnant by looking at me. I am at the point right now that people that don't know me might wonder, but they wouldn't say anything because it is still too likely for me to just be chubby. :-)


Lindy - May 6

God I know...someone should print up t shirts saying HEY I HAVENT PUT ON CRAZY WEIGHT, IM PREGNANT!! A random lady asked me when I was due the other day and I swear I nearly kissed her...she's the first person to notice. Everyone else says..ooh your so neat, and I just wanna tell them to p__s very proud of my ickle bump!! We should probably enjoy being small for now tho...cos any day now we could EXPLODE into mega belly!!! EEEEEK!!


Misty - May 6

:-) I figure one month from now tops I will be showing like a true pregnant woman. A while ago a guy friend of mine found out I was nearly 4 months pregnant and he told me I wasn't showing at all yet. He was probably just tryinto be nice, but I wanted to throw something at him!!! It's like, what do you call all of this then?!?!?


Tammy - May 6

I agree with the tee shirt thing...The other day I was coming out of the grocery store and this guy was blocking the ramp to pull your cart to the parking lot ( I had 2 carts). I asked him to please move his car and he said "shut up you fat b___h". Now I am so mad and I'm in the middle of the parking lot screaming at him " you as* hol* I'm not fat, I' pregnant. I was so p__sed that when I pulled my carts to my car, 1 sort of got away from me and put a little dent in my car. What a stress-free experience.


tiffani~edd 11/07/05 - May 6

Oh Tammy, I would have gone postal! You sure do have some great restraint. Surely you had eggs in your cart you could have thrown. :o)


T-shirts - May 6

..go to for some cute pregnancy t-shirts with comments :)


Eryn - May 8

Those shirts are so cute, but expensive!


Jbear - May 9

Tammy, I know just how you felt! I was at work the other day and this old man asked me to get him a case of liquor. I told him he'd have to come and lift it for me. He told me to do it myself, because I looked like I really needed the exercise. I told him I was almost six months pregnant, and he was a rude jerk who shouldn't be drinking if he couldn't carry his own liquor out of the store. My manager was right there, and she was laughing at what I told him.


Heidi - May 9

Oh I can totally relate. I'm 16 wks pg and gained probably 15 lbs. I was 115 to start with and always very thin. Saturday night we went to a wedding dance, the first time I've been "out" technically since I got pg. I felt like a blob. Well I was wearing a baggy pullover so you couldn't even tell but my b___t looks huge and my b___bs are enormous. It sucks. I know it's for a good cause but my self-esteem is totally gone. I felt like my boyfriend was avoiding me or ignoring me because of the way I looked. Maybe it's just me. I don't know. I just feel horrible about how I look right now. Then yesterday I wore shorts and a tank top as it got warm enough finally and I felt like a beached whale compared to my thin tanned girlfriend. Ahhh!!!! I dream my boyfriend is cheating on me all the time. Must be those d__n hormones. I used to be that girl all the guys checked out in the bars!!!! Not anymore!


KrisD - May 9

Well, my female boss just called me the Pillsbury Dough Boy this morning. I almost took my dough boy body and body-slammed her. I'm still seeing red. You wouldn't mind, but as I was getting ready for work I disovered that my favorite black (maternity) pants don't fit anymore! Great way to start the week!


Heidi - May 9

Hee hee! I found that my work pants quit fitting one day too. It p__sed me off. I went to throw on my fat jeans Saturday night and couldn't b___ton them!!!! We had a huge county garage sale this weekend so I bought tons of size 7 jeans and none of them fit!!!!!





Tammy - May 10

Welcome to the wonderful world of pregnancy!!!! I am getting ready to make the move to maternity clothes. The weather is finally getting nice here in New Jersey and everyone is walking around in shorts and halter tops; and then there is me. It doesn't help that the girl across the street looks like a million bucks pregnant. She wears her capri's, shorts and little tops. You can't even tell she's preg from the back. Good thing she's a nice person. I think I have spread wider and my b___bs are huge. I swear I'm gonna be a 36DD by the time this kids born. Spring is really a hard time to be preg. Also I am always hot. When I was preg with my son, I think I kept the air at 65 degrees in the summer. My husband says if your toe came out from under the covers, you'd have frost bite. This is definitely my last pregnancy. Too old for this! All of this complaining and I'm only 16 weeks. My poor family.


Misty - May 10

Seriously, it must be a hormone thing. This girl at my work yesterday started talking to my fiance while we were eating and she was on break, anyways, she was probably just being nice, but I was thinking "biotch better stay away from my man, that's MY man!!!" I told my mom about it later and she laughed at me. So I guess I probably was being silly, but whatever. :-)



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