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sarah21 - September 24

Hey everybody. This is totally non-pregnancy related, but I have really enjoyed the company of many of you on this website so I wanted to ask y'all a question. What is your favorite book, and what are you reading right now? I am a big bookworm and I am looking for a good book. Thanks for the input!


treshala - September 24

i have only been into pregnancy magazines. i like to read to though. what do you like to read? im not into romance novels but i like suspense novels.


sahm2alaj - September 24

I am reading The Secret. I actually bought it for my mom when it 1st came out for Mother's Day and I asked her for it the other day. I am about half way done with it.


sarah21 - September 24

I like suspense novels, too. Not much for romance either. I like books by James Patterson, John Grisham, and I'm trying to like Tom Clancy (my husband keeps trying to get me to read some of his stuff, so I've been trying). Occasionally I like a good chick novel, though.


cynnababy - September 24

I love Sophie Kinsella's books. I have always been a big fan of mystery and suspense books. But lately, i have switched to more girlie books because my DH said too much suspense is bad for the baby. LOL...


Happymommy - September 24

If you want a good read that is easy to get into and keeps you absorbed try Karen Kingsbury. I love her books. I just finished the Redemption Series--they're great. She has lots of others, too. I also enjoy the suspense, mystery type. Depends on what mood I am in! Good idea sarah21--I am always looking for suggestions for a good read :)


cayingo - September 24

I am a voracious reader also. Especially in summer and holidays when I'm not teaching. One of the very best books I've EVER read is called "The Time Traveler's Wife." It's not sci-fi. I also read a lot of jr. fiction b/c I tach reading and langauge arts, and have read two books in a series called "The Uglies" and "The Pretties". These two are kind of along the lines of "The Giver" where people are put into categories at a young age and predestined to live certain lives. There's also an author who I've very much gotten into all of her books named Jodie Picault. Her books are kind of "ripped from the headlines" type plots. Interesting, well written, and emotional. Particular faves of hers for me include My Sister's Keeper, Perfect Match (these two might be gut-wrenching for a new mom-to-be), Salem Falls, and The Pact. All very good reads!!! If you try any of them, let me know what you think. P.S. Try your public library first. A lot of these will be there (if they're inour small town library they'll be in most others). :)


cfuller - September 24

I just finished reading an awesome trilogy of books written by Stephanie Meyers, Twilight New Moon and Eclipse. I know she is writing a fourth one and let me tell you, they are addicting! I wasn't able to put the books down until I finished them LOL


Chris1975 - September 24

Im right into Clive Cussler at the turners though so i go thru a book every 2-3 days!! I picked up a whole bunch of them at local 2nd hand shop every few weeks so at least my reading habit isnt as expensive as it could be!


pomny143 - October 6

You MUST read Emily Giffin. She is amazing. She wrote something borrowed...something blue and babyproof. All three in that order are fantastic. They are light fun reads that every woman can relate to. Enjoy



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