Travelling Abroad

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CharlieKia - May 18

i'm 13+4 today, and trying to decide whether or not to fly to the dominican in 2 weeks time. The nurse said it would be ok as long as I took precausions ie water and salad items, in case of ffod poisening. Has anyone else took a long distance holiday?


jyotsna - May 18

Hi Charlie! I was 23 weeks when we travelled to Paris for a week last month. As long as you watch what you eat I heard 2nd trimester is the perfect time to travel. Also make sure you stay hydrated and do little bit of stretching during your flight. Enjoy your trip!


Perl - May 18

Hi Charlie, I'm also planning a trip to somewhere in Europe (from California) in August when I'll be about 23 weeks into pregnancy. I think you'll be fine as long as you have no morning sickness and aren't too close to your due date (which 15 weeks is not). Have a fun and safe trip.


Betul - May 18

Hi CharlieKia, I traveled overseas to the MiddleEast between 9 weeks and returned around 11 weeks. It was fine and nothing usual except a few tips I learned. Make sure you have a aisle seat on the plane so you can make frequent trips to the bathroom and walk around and stretch your legs. Take plenty of bottled water with you because the cabin pressure in the plane can dry you out a bit. Take the usual precautions once there; drink only bottled water, eat only fruit which you peel, make sure all meat is cooked well done, etc...The second trimester is the best time to travel before you get too big and uncomfortable and hopefully after the morning sickness has pa__sed. Good Luck and have fun!!


18wbabynov - May 18

hey, i went to germany, from chicago, during my 10th and 11th weeks. everything went really well. it was fine, i would just agree to the tip about getting an isle seat... i was glad to be able to walk around and pee often on the 10 hour flight. they do say that the 2nd tri. is the safest for flight and travel! have fun!



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