Travelling In Second Trimester

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zara - January 22

Hi all. Don't know if anyone can help me from their experiences. I'm not currently pregnant, but my husband and i want to start trying soon. The only thing stopping us right now is that we have booked a 4 week trip to europe in july. We live in australia so for starters it will be a really long plane trip. This is not my major concern. I'm just wondering how tired i would be if i was in my second trimester whilst away? Has anyone else every had a big holiday away whilst pregnant.? Would it just be too much for me?


Monique - January 23

I've been travelling my whole pregnancy (I'm 25 weeks) so I consider myself a It's true energy does come back in your second trimester and I have found it waaaay easier travelling. The thing to consider is... Just because you start TRYING now doesn't mean you're going to get pregnant on YOUR SCHEDULE. It may take you 3 months and in that case you'll be in your first trimester.... not a good time to travel (trust me I flew 30,000 miles in my first). As far as the plane, I was flying LA to NYC (almost 6 hours) and I could just BARELY make it--uncomfortable, cabin pressure, constipation, nausea....the thought of flying 10 hours to London is unbearable.... As far as international travel--the time change, the dietary changes (including the list of things you CAN'T eat--France with no Brie or wine?), the site seeing (walking, climbing stairs)--I really think is too much. But you CAN do it, it just won't be as enjoyable in my opinion. Why don't you and your husband plan on getting pregnant there?? (big smile)


Tillie - January 23

Like Monique, I travel a lot, too, and I think she has a great point--get pregnant there! Then you can eat all the brie and wine in France that you want, and all the beer in Belgium, too. I think four weeks is a long time to be on another continent if you're feeling c___ppy, and if you're anything like me, I felt HORRIBLE my entire first trimester. My dh and I went to Prague at the beginning of my second trimester and it was nice, a beautiful city, snowy, romantic, but I wasn't nearly the fun international traveler I am normally am. Had to be in bed by 10, couldn't drink, was wary of most foods, felt really really tired during the day... On the OTHER hand, some of my friends had zero trouble with fatigue or nauseousness and traveled beautifully during pregnancy, so you never know. Let us know what you decide to do!


Tess - January 23

The only thing you should worry about is 1st tri. and not 2nd tri. most pg women tend to have more energy during their 2nd tri. (like me) Im almost at the end of my 2nd tri. and Im starting to feel really moody and over fatigue. goodluck!


zara - January 24

Thank you all for your replies- still don't know what to do! Its so true- i would be really wary of everything i was eating etc, but can't wait to have a baby! I guess will just have to wait and see!



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