Triple Scanning Test

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Animom - May 30

I am 35 years old and mom of 8 years old. I am currently 16 wks pregnant. It's time to take decision about Triple Scanning Test. When it is my time to take decision, like others, me and my DH in great tension. I know, we need to take our own decision, but we need your help and need to know, what people of my age doing in their case. Are you doing this test?


Maleficent - May 30

i'm fairly young, but i'd refuse the test at any age. it's not very acurate and has a high rate of false positives. an ultra sound is more accurate in my opinion. it's really a personal choice.


Lynn - May 31

I am 29 & I'll get the test. I don;t really understand what the big fuss is about "false positives". The test is not and never was intended to give you a "yes, your baby has downs/spina bifida" or "no, your baby is absolutely normal". The tests takes into account the levels of hormones in your blood and how far along you actually are. Based on those factors, you get results that tell you the LIKELYHOOD of having a problem. From there you go on to decide about amnio or a level II ultrasound. The way I see it, if you don't get the test then you have the rest of your pregnancy to wait and see if something may be wrong. If you do get the test, then you have a 50% chance that you will have to wait & see if you have something wrong (unless you do decide to do amnio/further testing) or you have a 50% chance that you can be pretty much worry free for the rest of your pregnancy. To me that's a no brainer-get the test. It doesn't hurt the baby and has the possibility of giving you peace of mind. Out of 50 results that have high probabilities of downs/spina bifida, only 1 or 2 babies will actually HAVE either of those conditions. Maybe this is what people refer to as the 'false positives' that the test gives. If you are sure of how far along you are then that increases the accuracy of the test even more. I know 5 people who had the test. 4 came back absolutely normal, & 1 came back with a slightly elevated chance for downs. They refused further testing and their son is fine.


m - May 31

the older you are the more likely you'll get a false poz, which leads to worrying, which leads to more testing, if that's what you decide to do. That is why Animom is having a great deal of tension with the decision. It's somewhat worriesome. More surprise downs babies are born to women under 35 because they don't get accurate results, and all they take is the AFP, which can say everything is OK, but it's not. It IS a difficult decision, worth a bit of "fuss" because regardless if you get it, the answer is not accurate. It's that simple. It's too bad that daggone test isn't any better. I hope they come out with something one day soon that is a simple blood test that can test genetics, and everything. It's hard to give you advice, Animom. Because the choice is a personal one and nobody really wants to lead you in one direction or the other. best wishes in whatever you decide to do.


Kelly K - May 31

I chose not to have the test since there isn't anything you can do but terminate the pregnancy if the results after all testing shows a problem. This isn't something I would do anyway so why worry myself over something that isn't in my hands?


Jenn - May 31

It never did anything for me but make me worry. I had one of the levels come back high which the doctor said really didn't indicate anything. I had an ultrasound and everything measured out fine. I just wish that I would have never taken the test because it caused unnecessary worry and stress.


Amy - May 31

Hi, It is time for me to take that test, too. I'm 16 weeks now. My husband and I have decided not to do the test. Our thoughts are that why cause unnecessary worry throughout the rest of the pregnancy? We would not terminate the pregnancy. So, if something turns out to be wrong with the baby, we will deal with that when he/she is born. The ultrasound is scheduled in June. Any obvious spine and brain problems should be detected during the ultrasound. Since the triple test/quad test is optional, I feel comfortable making this decision for myself. This is one of the few decisions the parents can make for themselves during the pregnancy. Please decide what is best for you and try not to let anyone pressure you either way. There is a lot of information out there, so do your own research and talk to your doctor about any questions you may have. But, do what is right for you and your spouse. Best of luck to everyone for healthy babies!! :)


Amy - May 31

Me again...I meant to mention that I am 34 years old. I'm almost in the 35 and over range that is designated as higher risk during pregnancy. This is my first child. But, even with my second child, which will obviously be carried after I am age 35, I will still decline the triple/quad test.


J - June 1

I am 29 and did it with this pregnancy and my previous pregnancy. It made me feel better knowing that everything was normal and if it had come out positive I would have been better prepared. Many of my friends have had it and none of them have had any false positives.


Animom - June 9

I am very happy today. I didn't Triple Scanning Test on June 01. We planned, we will do the test, but not take any decision or further testing based on it. I have god my answer today. It's -ve. Thank you everyone.



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