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triple screen - December 7

Hi i was wondering is it completly necessary to get the triple screen test that tests for down syndrome? i heard that people that are most likely to have a child with down syndrome are people over the age of 35 or its hereditary which is neither for me im only 20. so what are my chances of having a child with down syndrome?


Trina - December 7

I'm not going to have it. Only because my doctor told me that sometimes the test comes back positive...and your child could be perfectly ok....and sometimes it may say negative....but your child could actually have it. So i figure...whats the point?


jennifer - December 7

thats exactly what i thought plus ive been so busy these days i haven't had the time. my doctors office doesnt offer the test so id have to go to a differnent city to get it done and i really just dont have the time and i was wondering how necessary it really was?


Tess - December 7

First its not mandatory for you to take it. Its up to you. I myself declined to take the triple screen test when I saw my Dr last Monday becoz I dont want to torture myself thinking something might be wrong eventhough there isnt. Plus they're not very accurate. Its your decision though.


Janine - December 7

I had the test, as all it does is at your scan is to measure the amount of fluid behind the babies spine (at the nexk area), this does not harm the baby in any way and there is no danger of miscarriae at doing this part of the test. Before I whad it my chances were 1 in 821 (I'm 26 no background of downs), when she did the test I'm now 1 in 4253 odds. so it's totally up to you, They don't offer the full downs test here in the UK unless you are over 35 or considered high risk. The only test you could have is the one that is done at your scan, when the sonogropher looks at the fluid.


maya - December 7

but whats the point of taking it if most the time the test isnt even accurate? I mean I don't want to be all worried for nothing!


Gina - December 7

when you go for your 20 week scan are they able to check for down syndrome and other deformities then?


bump - December 7



N - December 7

there is no way to tell if there is a problem like downs through ultrasound, if that's what you mean by "scan". I had the triple screen with my first and just had my bloodwork done today for my second. It is more accurate than you may think and can put your mind at ease. I know it sure made me relax, once it came back ok for my first baby. If it comes back positive for something, then I'll have an amnio to confirm...that's all it is. No big deal, but I sure thought it was worth it.


to N - December 7

Amnio's are very risky for a fetus. I wouldn't be so blase about it. It's awful how inaccurate the triple screen is. It comes back with a LOT of false negatives AND positives. And of the women who go for further testing --such as amniocentesis-- only 10% of them have something actually wrong. 10%. That triple screen is mostly a waste.


Tierra - December 7

Yeah I heard the same thing about amnio's and how they possibly could be unsafe for the fetus. They also could cause miscarriage. The triple screen is pointless. Last week I got one done and it came out positive but the doctor said for me not to worry cuz a lot of people get "false" i mean i did it to ease my mind and now i wish i had never done it cuz now just worried sick


RJ - December 8

Amnios are NOT VERY risky for the fetus. If you speak to a physician they will tell the risks are actually low. Everyone I know that's had one is fine. My doctor made a great point she said, "Even IF something is wrong and you decide NOT to terminate your pregnancy, I always suggest it's better to KNOW. So much is going on during labor & delivery, that is NOT the time you want any more surprises". I think that makes sense. I hadn't thought about it like that.


~*sunny*~ - December 8

Janine, I live in the UK and was routinely offered the triple blood test at 17 weeks pregnant (I'm not over 35 and neither am cla__sed as high risk). We wasn't offered the ultrasound to check for abnormalities on the NHS, we could have paid for it privately though, however we did have a 12 week dating scan. Luckily our triple test came back as low risk for spina bifida and low risk with a 1 in 8300 chance of the baby having downs syndrome. I would say to anyone considering having the test, before you put yourself through the worry it may bring waiting for results, think seriously before having it done if you would change anything dependent upon the results, if you wouldn't then the only reason to have it done is to prepare for a child with downs and to receive the best possible healthcare for you and your child at time of birth.



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