Triple Screen Test

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Tess - November 13

I was told by my OB that during my 16th wks, I should consider this triple screen test....He said they would just drawn some blood and test it for any kind of problem or something. Does any of you ladies here (on your 2nd tri) took this triple screen test? how did it go for you? Just curious....


Nicole - November 13

I didnt do it because when hubby and i discussed it it would only depress us and its not as though it would change any thing. Also I have been told that it is not very accurate.


Nicole - November 13

P.S. My cousin did it and it came back positive for DS and when she had her son he doesnt have Down Syndrom


g - November 13

i didnt do it either, its not that accurate and the ultrasound will most likely pick up everything that test could detect


k - November 13

I had it done since I had a history of m/c and did not want to do the invasive tests. My doc seems to think I have nothing to worry about. I know it's not very accurate but I didn't want to take the chance of having the other tests. Good luck!


B - November 13

it depends on what you would do w/ the information. Are you high risk? I debated it for several days and decided to take the test. I thought if it came back positive that at least I could prepare for it. Good Luck


A - November 13

I'm not high risk, don't have any defects or Down's Syndrome in my or my bf's families, and I'm going into it knowing that there are false positives a lot. So take the results with a grain of salt.


Tess - November 14

Thanks ladies for all your feedback. I just called my Dr. office and ask about the test.....Now Im not too sure 'IF' I would wanna take it or not...It would probably depress us and like some of you ladies said.......its not very accurate. I would definitely talk to my hubby about it....Thanks for all your comments.


Stephanie - November 14

The test itself has the positive and negatives to it. My doctor explained it to me and my hubby and I have decided to take it anyways. there is further testing if the test results do come back positive. Both sides of the family have had healthy babies, so we are not too worried. Good luck ladies


Shannon - November 14

I am about to do that test, but I will be 17 weeks when I do it. (Dr. is away) I had an ultrasound and the nose bone and nuchal measurements were fine, so this is just a test that verifies that everything is ok. After these tests your chance of DS is greatly decreased.


Hi - November 14

I took the test, it came back positive for downs. So we had the amnio to confirm. I would only recommend these tests if you would like to prepare for the possibility of have a a child with special needs or if you would abort if you were to have a child with special needs.


Tess - November 14

Ive put alot of thought about this and Ive decided....Im not gonna take the test. Its not mandatory, its your choice and I would rather not torture myself or even feel any stress about this.....Good Luck ladies. Thanks for your comments.


Jill - November 14

I just had the blood drawn today for it. My insurance covers it, and I'd like to have to info and decide what to do with it.


to tess - November 14

You made a very wise choice by not taking that test I took it got a possitive result and it turned out to be a false possitive but the waiting was pure hell that is the worst part of this test and just to give any other ladies a heads up about this test there are false negatives as well so if you want to be sure your baby is healthy have a level 2 sono to be sure this test is c___p in my book good luck to all..


took it today - November 14

I had the triple screen today. Asked the ladies drawing blood why there are so many false results. Their opinion was it's pregnancy hormones. But still... going for an amnio as a result of a positive is so risky, and only 10% of those women wind up actually having something wrong. Isn't it time a better test was made? I agree with the above poster that suggests to just wait for the level 2 sono. It'll be soon to follow... mine's in just a week.


Terra - November 15

I had the TST.. and with my first daughter, they messed up my blood work with a lady in her early 40's and told me I had a 5% change of downsyndrom, I pretty much told them where to stuff it, becuase they were trying to convince me that I had the blood of a 40 year old woman, when i was 19!!! I had one this time, just for safe mesures... And nothing came back this time around.. so I don't mind doing it, I just kinda keep my mind on it as more pre-natal blood work


Tess - November 15

I wouldnt mind it either if I took it or not but honestly speakin.....I dont want to be in a place were Id feel really stress about the situation plus torture myself thinking something wrong.........eventhough there isnt. Im glad some of you ladies here are brave enough to take the test. No one in my family have any birth problems/defects or any DS baby......So, Ive concluded Im not doin it. I just dont think it would be necessary for me.



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