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lv2007 - July 26

i'm 16 week pregnant and this is my first pregnancy. my doctor just called me today and she said that she just got the result of my triple test and i tested positive and i may be high risk for down syndrome. i'm so worried right now. i have a scheduled ultrasound and amniosynthesis on wednesday. my doctor said that sometimes pregnant women would test positive even the baby is fine. has anybody gone thru this same experience? i just don't know what to do right now.


planklg - July 26

IV07-I was increased risk to so I did CVS and all was healthy with my girl. There's a high false positive rate and my doc said skip it next time beacuse I'm over 35 and that skews the test even more. Good luck and try not to worry too much although of course we can't help it:)Lee


Ms.Aren - July 27

There is more chance than not that with a positive test, everything is fine. I decided not to take this test because of it being highly inaccurate and the fact that I knew it would cause me uneccessary worry. I will pray for you, but just know that even if they still think your baby has something, I know about 5 women that were expecting a baby with down syndrome and their child was perfectly fine.


FlyBear - July 28

I understand your worry. Keep your head up. They wanted to do an amnisynthesis on my mom with my younger brother because she had some tests that were showing she was at risk but she told them that she didn't wanna risk having an amniosynthesis because even if the baby did have down syndrome she didn't plan to abort. The Dr agreed that there was really no reason to do it then unless she just wanted a heads up. Anyways, my brother ended up being fine. So good luck. Sometimes they are wrong.


steph23fah - July 28

They justed tested me last thursday and i'm still waiting on my results, but my aunt worked for an OBGYN for 6 years and told me the false rate was 40% and that if you further along that what they have you at it can also push a post_tive., their only suppose to test before 20 weeks.


pkrista - July 30

thanks to all of you that replied. i just had my 2nd level ultrasound today. they said the baby is fine but they found a marker for trisomy 18 and nothing for down syndrome. i still have 1 out of 130 chances having a down syndrome baby and my risk for trisomy 18 went up from 1 out of 10,000 to 1 out of 3,000 because of the marker they found. my husband and i decided not to do the amnio since we decided to continue with the pregnancy no matter what. she's still our baby and we love her so much. that's right, it's a girl!


HeavenisMine - July 30

That sounds very sweet. Congrats to you and your husband for continuing on. Most of the time I've read only positive outcomes for these "we're not sure", situations. Stay positive for your little girl! :)


Keldalynn - August 1

I have a family friend this happened to a while ago...she tested positive and another test cvame back positive as well basically the doctor told her she would have a child with downsyndrome.....they gave her an option to baort...she refused and is now the proud mommy of a perfectly healthy little boy. I do not know what I would do in oyur situation but I wanted you to know just because you may test positive does not mean it is destinied to be. Hope this helped:) GOOD LUCK!


micsmms3 - August 4

great news! Congrats!



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