Trouble Breathing

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Daytona - December 27

I sometimes have a litle trouble breathing..or sometimes it feels like there is no blood getting to my head..mainly when i lie down on my back or if im sitting around. does anyone else get that or know what could be wrong if anything?


a bird - December 27

Baby's growth is crowding your organs, including your lungs. Personally, when I take deep breaths, I wind up coughing or wheezing like an asthmatic from this normal pregnancy symptom. Also, your body is working harder, pumping more blood I believe it is. That could make you feel lightheaded.


anita - December 27

if your breathings really bad, like almost too much to bear, it could also be that your iron's low. i told my doc that i was having trouble breathing and at my last dr. appt, and in fact i almost felt like i was having an asthma attack just while sitting in the waiting room ( i don't have asthma). i also told him that i'd practically be out of breath just from walking from room to room. he looked at my chart, told me my iron was low (even though i was already taking 2 prenatals a day) and told me to double up on my iron pills. i feel alot better now.


Nicole R - December 28

I get out of breath really easy. I also get dizzy and lightheaded often my dr. said to drink plenty of fluids and make sure you are eating. as for the breathign you are working harder and carrying around extra weight.


Anna - December 28

yes i have trouble breathing as well, and this is my 3rd child i never experienced this problem with my other 2. so i asked my doctor and she gave me some flonase to use, i feel better now and i am not out of breath as much.


Nicole R - December 28

Anna- you are able to take flonase I have alwful allergies and I was told I could not take flonase. let me know what your dr. said


Anna - December 28

Nicole-yes my doctor gave me a sample of it and told me if it didnt work then i could try something else



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