Trouble Breathing 16 Weeks Scared

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Michelle - January 8

I can't seem to find any info on this problem, so I am worried it may not be normal. After I eat, I can't take a full breath for about 1/2 hour to an hour. I guess maybe from eating too much, although it doesn't seem like I am overeating??? I am not overweight, pretty average. Upper 140's and 5'4". I am going to call my Doc on Monday because it is becoming so frequent. Has anyone else had this problem? I have heard of people in later pregnancy being out of breath, but me so early?? Thanks!


Tiffany - January 27

I too have had difficulty catching my (or taking deep breaths) breath, especially after eating. I have read that it is caused by hormones and the increase in blood volume that is needed by the growing baby. I am almost 17 weeks, and started noticing the shortness in breath at 13 weeks.


Hayls - January 28

Hi Michelle I have the same problem, I never seem to be able to get my breath and then I start getting all worried and sometimes hyperventilate. I think it's because I feel so bloated after eating but it's not like I eat huge amounts so I don't know why. I thought at first that I maybe getting confused between feeling pregnant and being bloated but I'm not sure. I could do with some answers too!


josie - January 28

I''ve been having the same problem and I'm also 16 weeks.It feels like I get out of breath so quickly and I have to stop in the middle of doing things to try and catch my breath.I haven't gained very much wait at all so I don't think it's that I'm eating to much or overweight.But I have been having the same problem so your not the only one.I would like some answers on it too.


Michelle - January 30

Hi Ladies. Thanks for the replies. Since I made the post, I actually had my monthly Dr. appt. and talked with the Doc about it. He said it is perfectly normal. The baby is taking up a lot of room the used to be empty and also pressing on your organs. Especially when you eat and your stomach expands. I hate to admit it, but since he told me that, I have noticed the shortness of breath subslide a little bit. I think I was giving myself anxiety about it thinking something was wrong. So, unless you are having other serious symptoms, it is probably very normal. Don't worry! Good luck to you all. I am having my 20 week ultrasound tomorrow and am so excited to see if we are having a boy or girl and also to be rea__sured that everything is ok with the baby! Keep me posted guys!


Hilary - February 7

I actually have a qustion and a possible answer. I live in Breckenridge, Colorado and have only been here for month and I just found out Iam 3 months pregnant. I too am having difficulty getting deep or sometimes a breath at all. I am considering taking a meditation cla__s and working on my breathing that way but any input on my trouble please let me know! Is it the alt_tude or what? Thanks


Keisha - February 25

I am 15 weeks and have been experiencing the same problem. After I eat a meal, I suffer from labored breathing. It feels like there is pressure on my lungs.



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