Trouble Breathing

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Jenn - January 5

just wondering if anyone else is going through this stage of no air.. plugged up sinuses.. god i can breath have the time.. baby is blocking something.. get head rushes with each breath.. tell me this is not normal? I dont remember this with my last three babies. but it has been over 12 yrs since I have been pregnant.........


Hi - January 5

How far along are you?


Tiffany - January 5

That happened to me when i was about 15 weeks. I jsut took some tylenol sinus and that helped me so much.


Diane - January 5

I am having this too. This is my third baby, my older children are 12 and it's been a while for me as well, but my sinuses are blocked and i have alot of trouble catching my breath at times...acutally it feels like I can't take a deep enough breath. Not always, but periodically. I'm 24.5 weeks and don't remember if this happened with my other 2 far along are you?


Tess - January 5

Im 21 wks along and Ive been feeling like thats since Ive started my 2nd tri. mostly from walking and goin upstairs..I can't even keep up w/ my other friends when theyre walkin....Right now I have a stuffy nose. Grrr!


anita - January 5

tell your dr. it could be the normal crowding of your internal organs due to getting bigger, or it could be your iron is low. i a__sumed my being out of breath was normal crowding, but i told the doc anyway b/c it was getting to be unbearable and i couldn't go through 12more wks feeling like i did. i was expecting to get an inhaler or something like that, but instead he increased my iron and now i feel better. i hope you feel better soon too, being out of breath is one aweful feeling.


Daytona - January 5

I am 26 weeks and i get lightheaded first i thought it was my blood pressure b___that is always fine. I guess its just our bodies trying to adjust to the constricted room for breathingeverything has now.



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