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18WKS - November 11



Beth - November 11

They say that when you lie on your left side it promotes circulation, so that's why. and there's a rare occurance of the baby squishing it's umbilical cord and cutting off supplies when you lay on your back, which is why that isn't recommended, but you'd know because it wouldn't feel good, and you;d be dizzy.


Emy - November 11

By lying on your left side the baby gets more oxygen through the placenta just like Beth mentioned. As for me, it is funny but when I sleep on my right side my arm goes numb so I know that this thing about circulation is true. It never happens when I sleep on my left side. And, as for the back, like Beth said, you would feel like you are dizzy and have trouble breathing, but apparently the growing uterus is pressing agains the vena cava which is the artery that supplies blood to your heart (and in turn good circulation)


mls - November 11

Dr's will tell you not to do it. but I'm a firm believer that our bodies were designed NOT to hurt the baby. it hurt for me to lay on my back, so I refrained from it, but if it feels good for you to lay that way....I don't see how there would be any problem.


to mls - November 11

it is not about NOT hurting the baby, it's about doing what is BEST for the baby. And the unanimous opinion is that it is BEST to sleep on the left side. After that, I agree with you that people can do what they want. But if you know your baby is getting more oxygen a certain way, why wouldn't you do it? And I also have what Emy has. My arm falls asleep when I sleep on the right side so I believe it is even "natural" for me to turn on my left. If I sleep on my back, I have trouble breathing. So, even if bodies were not designed to hurt the baby, our bodies clearly speak to us about what is the best way to speak.


to mls - November 11

that last word should say "sleep". Sorry.


agree with MLS - November 11

Some people don't have ahard time sleeping on their backs and even if they went to sleep on their left side might turn over during the night. If something is uncomfortable by all means don't do it. If you can manage to stay on your left side all through the night great, if not don't beat yourself up over it. Personally i prefer to sleep on my stomach, but my belly is now too big for that. So I go sleep on my left side, but I don't always wake up that way.


bec - November 11

The arteries that supply the uterus run up the back of it, therefore if you layed on your back, the baby's own weight would compress those arteries and reduce his blood flow. They say lying on you left side is best because the liver is on the right and squashed enough during pregnancy. Hope this helps!


Kat - November 11

My doctor told me that it isn't an issue if you don't feel sick or dizzy. Laying on your back can cut of a blood supply to the baby.. but you would be well aware of the situation because you wouldn't feel good. I slept on my back (not on purpose but that is just what I did) my entire first pregnancy and my child is fine. I am finding myself on my back with this pregnancy.. no matter how hard I try to sleep on my back. My doctor told me not to worry.. laying on your back really only effects about 30% of women during pregnancy.


Melissa - November 11

Same as kat - i asked my midwife, and she said it's only when you feel light headed. But when it is starting to do damage it does hurt, and you will instinctively move because it's uncomfortable. I'm 24 weeks, still lying on my back and on my stomach. No need to stress anymore


Ashley - November 11

I'm 26 weeks, and it's only in the last two that it's gotten uncomfortable at all for me to lay on my back. It wakes me up sometimes, sometimes I guess things lay "just right" but those times are getting more rare, hehehe! It is one of those things I worried about, too, I really think you will know. It'll bother you.


voyage - November 12

I am on my third....and I must say that with my first two. I didn't even know about any of this information and slept any which way it felt comfortable to. I have two incredibly beautiful perfect they must not have minded either. I think your body is very smart, trust it. And get some sleep no matter how it is rare these days to get a good nights sleep!


K - November 14

My doctor said sleeping on your back is fine as long as you put a pillow under your lower back for a little support. She said to sleep whatever way is most comfortable. A lot of nights I get really bad hip pain that keeps me awake if I try to lay on my left side all night.


Tess - November 14

Im 13w3d and Ive been sleeping mostly on my right side.....I can't hardly sleep on my left (ive tried it several times) but just couldnt. I hope this is OKAY?!?


Terra - November 14

It's true more for people with High blood pressure, its' better for a mother to do so. I sleep on my left side as it is, but it is good for circulation etc.. plus as you get larger your putting alot of pressure on your back etc.. But the concern was more for the blood pressure factor.


Jennifer - November 14

Dear 18 wks. Get comfortable honey, and sleep well while you still can. Yes sleeping on the left side is best. But that doesn't mean you absolutley have to at all times. I'm 35 weeks pregnant and I will tell you a time will come when you cannot lay in any position to long. Your hips and ribs will begin to ache from the weight of the baby and you will flip and flop all night. Earlier in my pregnancy I was also worried about sleeping on my back as I was most comfortable that way. My Dr. told me it was safe to sleep on my back as long as my body would allow me too. and he was right. Now if I lie on my back more than 5 seconds I feel like I'm suffocating. Earlier in my pregancy I would lie on my back and put a pillow under one side of myself to tilt myself a little so I wasn't flat on my back, that helped alot because I could get comfy, but not feel like I was endangering the baby.


Lisa D - November 18

Dear 18 wks: I use to only sleep on my side and like most things in life when you know you aren't suppose to, you want to. I want to lay flat on my back so bad. I agree with everyone else, it is BEST of lay on our left side, right is the next best option, limit back time. NOW FOR THE GOOD NEWS... Buy a body pillow. I got one that is a complete "U" shape so I can put my head on, put it between my knees and it keeps me from rolling over. What is wondeful is when you switch sides, you don't need to move the pillow since it is a U shape. From the day I got it I can finally get a good nights sleep and I am not in pain. Highly recommend it.



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