Tummy Issues

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chelsea(again!) - March 10

some days my belly feels soft and smaller,whilst others is quite hard and rounded-sometimes its like im fat and not preg whilst others its obiouse i am,it this normal at 17 weeks,anyone else experienced this?


Beth - March 10

I am experiencing the same thing!!


citrouille - March 10

me too and I'm only at 11 weeks. I get big, then it goes down..then it comes back.. I had a thought that it might partly be my intestines and whatever else reacting to being pushed around by my growing uterus.. does that sound logical?


Kelly - March 10

I was just thinking that! I am 18 weeks. This morning before I got up it was hard and round, now it's smooshy and looks like a big fat roll! Usually at night it seems harder.


chelsea - March 10

yes that sounds logical citrouille,thanks ladies you've put my mind at ease!


bump - March 11



chelsea - March 13



Leslie - March 13

In the morning I am flatter, than throughout the day my stomach expands to the max, than it starts all over again the next day, I'm only 15 weeks


M - March 13

have been having belly fluctuations since first trimester. Some days it was bigger, others smaller, also it is usually smaller in mornings. I started to look pregnant at 18 weeks (or so I thought, but when I look back on the 18 week pics of my belly, it looks so small compared to what it is now!...still I would stil stay I started showing, if only a little, at 18 weeks) I am 24 weeks now. Sometimes belly is really hard, other times softer.


Heather - March 14

thanks for answering i've been wondering about the same thing.


Tina - March 16

I must be normal because of all these similar stories...I was just thinking the same thing myself. I wonder why it does this. When I wake up my belly is smaller, by the end of the day, it's a lot bigger. This is a daily thing for me and I'm 17 weeks.


eyebeeablessing2u - March 16

yep.. very normal... at night I pop and look very 6 months pregnant. in the morning I just look fat....


Kelly - March 16

Might have to do with your stomach, at the end of a day of eating and drinking liquids your stomach is more full, therefore pushing the baby out more? At least that is what I have heard. Who knows but nice to know we all are feeling it.


Serena - March 16

Kelly, I agree with you. I think it's all the eating and drinking fluids during the day. I am also about 2 pounds lighter in the morning after I pee than at night. All that liquid from the day before is gone and we start another day of eating and drinking. I'm 15 weeks pregnant but I've already gained 4-5 pounds. I had no morning sickness. My tummy is definitely showing but so far I've been wearing loose clothing and no one can tell. Only a few I've told know that I'm pregnant.


Trina - March 18

Well, I'm due Aug. 31st, and was not showing until 15.5 weeks, I woke up one morning and BOOM I had a big ol' belly! Now there is NO guessing about it, and I'm really glad I went out and bought the maternity clothes I bought last weekend, thinking I would not need them for at least a few more weeks! My belly seems harder first thing in the morning, and then later at night, but it NEVER goes away anymore.


chelsea - March 18

its good to hear all of this,thanks!


vmchatters - March 28

I'm only 15 weeks but I have experienced that. Somedays I need the maternity clothes, other days my bigger sized normal clothes work fine. I think alot of it has to do with being ga__sy and the size of my bladder. Some days I feel hard and round and tight and other days I feel soft and flabby and not round at all. It is weird. I've had 2 us though and all is well. I'm blaming it on gas! :)



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