Turned Off Of Chicken Meat

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tracyd - January 19

I haven't been able to eat chicken or red meat for the past few weeks. I'm just starting into my 14th week and hoping that this goes away soon so I can get back to my regular diet (protien/iron!). Any ideas if this will go away in the 2nd tri? tks!!!


aliciavr6 - January 19

I was opposite, I wanted meat (I'm a vegetarian) so bad. haha. You can get protein and iron from other sources, spinach and other greens have lots of iron, you can eat beans for protein as well. I'm obsessed with mexican food so refried beans is normal for me a few times a week. :) Also try some grilled fish!


aliciavr6 - January 19

Also, eat some peanut b___ter! There's some protein for ya


tracyd - January 19

thanks for the advice....I might be a vegetarian by the end of this too. hmmm, now you've got me wanting mexican food. LOL!


time4more - January 19

hey tracy!!!!!! How are you feeling? Glad to see you hanging in there!!! When I was preg with my daughter, I totally could not look at any meat... my obgyn said that peanut b___ter, eggs, cheese, and spinach were great..... which is good because i was totally a spinach craver lol!!! Believe it or not, I am still having pg symptoms and negative tests...and i have an appt on Monday to find out what the heck is going on. I heard that cysts can mimic preg? I am still confused....anyway sorry for rambling....i hope you are doing well!!! did you straighten things out with your crazy doc?


c_baer19 - January 19

I've been somewhat like that, we have had chicken/steak for the past few nights, and usually I love both, but I have to make myself eat it. I just don't feel like eating it for some reason, it's really strange - I love steak!


Tracy88 - January 19

I am in week 22 and I have found that throughout the pregnancy so far, my diet has changed about two or three times. When I got to the second trimester and was able to eat normally, I wanted meats, but now I don't really go there, and am very into breads and pastas, fruit and salad. I think you will find yourself craving a burger one day. It happens over night too. Things that I ate a ton of in the beginning of this pregnancy, i won't even touch now. It's crazy.


aliciavr6 - January 19

I agree with Tracy, my tastes have def changed since first trimester too. Mine seemed to just go back to how it normally was before pregnancy, but I do eat a TON of ice cream now. Not really craving meat anymore and can now eat the things I couldn't.


jodsil - January 19

Recently, this week, the thought of eating chicken makes me sick. I am 13w7d.


suze42 - January 19

I have been turned off by mean since day one of pg. This is odd for me b/c my meals usually consist of a meat and veggies. Now Im wanting carbs instead of the meat. PASTA and rice!! I ts getting a little better this past week. I can eat the meat, I dont love it , but I can stomach it. So funny how pg turns everything topsy turvey!


tracyd - January 21

thanks for the replies - I'll let you know if chicken lands on my plate again (ever!). I'm hoping to go back to enjoying food again in 2nd trimester. Fortunately, my love for fruit isn't on the wane...I go crazy for watermelon.


suze42 - January 21

mmmm...watermelon sounds good! Can you get good ones this time of year? I just ate a whole bowl of ice cold green grapes...they were delish.


alee123 - January 21

hi there!! i am 23 weeks and i cant stand the smell or look or taste of chicken or most meats...occaissionally i do have a craving for a burger but that is it...chicken and other meats will not go down yet and i love chicken normally....i hope it goes away soon but think this will happen after birth...apparently you can also have protein shakes to help out...but i would ask my doc first...good luck!!


Tammy276 - January 22

hahaa...my first trimester, I could not stand red meat!! And I LOVE steak.. just the smell of it would make me sick. Now I am 30w and I can eat it every now and then, but its just not the same as before I was preggo. Can't wait to eat a big juicy steak after I have her!! Honestly, I thought I would be anemic due to not eating red meat, but my iron counts were still good and I basically lived off of macncheese and sandwiches for the first 18 weeks!!


Maggie - January 22

With my first pregnancy I could not eat red meat at all. I could eat chicken, but only if it was baked cutlets. My doc told me to eat eggs at least three times a week because they are chock full of protein. With my second pregnancy I ate everything! With this pregnancy I can eat meat, but I can't cook it. The sight and smell of raw meat turns my stomach. Like aliciavr6 said green veggies are great. If you are that concerned about your protein intake tell your doc, I'm sure he/she can give you alternatives. Good luck!


tracyd - January 22

sounds good. I've heard old wives tales that it's going to be a girl if you're turned off of meat/chicken.....guess I'll know if a few weeks - we're going to find out gender! What is everyone else doing - waiting or finding out??


krnj - January 22

My husband made steak for dinner the other night. I felt so bad because I didn't even want to look at it! All I want to eat is pasta, plain no sauce for some reason. Weird, I know. I've been eating a lot of eggs too. We're finding out the gender too! I'm only 13 weeks so probably the next ultrasound.



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