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Nikki0888 - April 10

I'm 17 and almost 17 weeks pregnant. I went to the doctor a few days ago and he checked for the heartbeat... well he heard it on my right side, found mine, and heard another on the left side. He said "I'm not sure if that's the same one or not!!" And then my grandma insisted that we do the ring test where you hold a diamond ring over your belly button and if it goes in a circle it's a girl and if it goes in a line it's a boy. Well at first it spun in a circle then did a dead stop and went in a line and repeated itself 3 times until I told her to stop. She knew nothing about what the doctor said. I don't really believe it but my grandma swears by it and I guess it's worked for everyone else in my family. Anyone else? And just in case it is twins do you know any good first names that go with Gene? And any that go with Ann? We have Kaleigh Nicole and Lucas Wayne picked out so far but just to be safe I guess we should pick others lol.


livdea - April 10

I tried the ring/pendent on a thread told me that I was having a girl and then it changed its mind and said boy. According to the U/S which I'll trust more is that I'm having a girl!! and only one! Keep us posted if you are having twins or not! And names...I can give no advice, other then I like the ones you've picked out! I'm horrible with names and it continues to change every couple of months! I guess I'll know when I see her!


Betsy - April 10

I am 23 weeks pregnant with twins. We found out at 10 weeks when I was measuring large. It is very rare to detect multiples by doppler. My babies have almost the same heartbeats, so we couldn't tell by doppler. Ultrasound is the only way to know for sure! Be sure to let us know what happened! Congrats on your pregnancy!


EricaG - April 10

Could be twins! Wow, that would be exciting! Well, I call my little miniature daschund "Chloe Gene" Her registered name is actually "Chloe's Sicily Spice" but Gene just flowed so well with it I started calling her that. Also, my cousins name is "Tessa Gene" which I think is cute. I don't know about Ann though, it sounds like a middle name that a lot of names would go with. We found out at our 20 week ultrasound that we're having a girl and we've decided to name her Abby Arlene. We had a little boy name picked out too, Zander Matthew. Good luck!



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