Twins From Different Fathers

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sally - May 19

I have an accquaintence who is telling people that she is pregnant with twins, but each baby belongs to a different father. I REALLY dont believe this. Also, how would she know this, when she is still pregnant. I think this lady is totally wierd, but I just wanted to see if this medical wierdness is possible. Again I really think this chick may have some mental problems here


Karen - May 19

It is possible, it does not happen very often, and the dr would have to be the one to so called predict it before they were born depending on the growth rate od each, he should be able to tell if they were conceived at different times. but it would have to be awfully close together.


Melissa - May 19

He could tell if they were concieved at different times, but could he tell that they were from different fathers. I really still dont believe this, wow.


Karen - May 19

No Melissa you are right I don't know that he would be able to tell if they were from different fathers without them being born or doing an amnio test ( I believe they can do dna this way before baby is born).


Sam - May 24

It is possible to have FRATERNAL twins with different fathers, especially if you--how should I put it--are very generous with your "cookies". All that is really required is that the woman release two eggs and has s_x within a very short period of time with two or more men.


weird - May 24 ........ guess anythings' possible!


Sarita - May 25

that is the most ridiculous thing ive ever heard!!! wow! learn something new everyday, huh! I am tempted to share this info with friends...but then I'll prolly be the one with suspected "mental problems" LOL...thanks for sharing!


latesha - June 12

yes, it is possible my niece has a set that is confirmed that they have different fathers due dna


ridiculous - June 12

probably THE most ridiculous post I have ever read!


b - June 13

if she is pregnant with twins and it is true that there are 2 different fathers she needs to learn how to control herself and close her legs!


Gina - June 13

You can ovulate twice on seperate days. Sounds like she is quite active.


kim j - June 13

some people are beyond DIRTY!!!!


Alicia - June 30

How will the hell that be possible


Sarah - June 30

It is possible, if a woman releases two different eggs and has s_x two times very close together, one egg can be fertilized by one man's sperm and the other egg can be fertilized by the 2nd man's sperm...look it up on the internet, while very rare, it can happen....the only way to tell if this is what happened for sure would be to dna test after the babies are born.


Sarah - June 30

If she releases two eggs, not two different all know what I mean! LOL


Sarah - June 30

Jeez my mind is all fogged....I meant if she has s_x with two different guys, not just two times...


lilmum - June 30

also, this year the US government has created a bill to stop human chimeraism (inorder to stop people form splicing human and animal dna's together, which i think is good), but the bill is not specific enough, and states any human containing two sets of DNA be deemed 'not-human' and therefore has no rights as one. I think this is an outrage, because natural causes are not a persons fault.



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