Tylenol Extra Strength Okay

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Dani - August 25

I have a bad back/rib ache? Almost feels like a pinching nerve. The only Tylenol product I have is Tylenol Extra Strength.. Has anyone asked there Dr.? Or know if it is okay?


CM - August 25

Mine said I could, but you could always call yours.


Idaho - August 25

I asked my doctor about headaches and pain, and what to take, she told me Tylenol. *laughs* I went to TWO stores looking for "regular" and couldnt find it, only had extra strength, 8 hour, allergy and night time stuff. *shrugs* I'd call the dr. or clinic/hospital you visit and mke sure, but I think You'd be okay as long as you dont "load" up on them.


Dani - August 25

Thanks everyone! That happened to me to when I had broncitus( how ever that is spelt) My Dr told me to take Tylenol Cold & cough, I couldnt find the c___p anywhere. Then I asked a pharmacist a__suming they are smart and would know and the d__n wal-mart chic was like well everyone can take different stuff while they are pregnant, it all depends on your body & Pregnancy. And the other parmacist at Fred Meyer said, " I dont believe in any meds while preg." I thought well thanks... F... you too! Im not saying I want to drug me or my baby up but when i dont feel good and havent slept in 3 wks from sore throat and cough... i need HELP! LOL Thanks for your advice, I am gonna call my Dr. Later and ask ... just to be safe and ask her about this pain. My hubby is scared it is something in my lungs that started out to be broncitus and now something else... I think its probably just from where the baby is sitting... who knows. Pregnancy is full of questions. Thanks again


Ca__sie - August 25

Extra strength tylenol is fine according to my doctor. I know what you mean about bronchitis turning into cough and then rib pain. I had that before pregancy and it was real bad. They think my lung lining was inflamed or something... they would have guessed a cracked rib, but they checked that out and it wasn't the case. Hope you feel better though!


Dani - August 25

Thanks Ca__sie :) My stinking Dr. is busy and the secretary must be busy there answering machine picks up and then goes peep. this box is not taking msgs at this time..it would be nice you had a dr that answered the phone. I love my Dr. though dont get me wrong.


Brandy - August 25

Dani, I am currently having the coughing, sore throat, congestion, and so on. Also, haven't slept in several (I've quit counting) nights...between the peeing and body aches/coughing. My doctor said that Tylenol ES is fine...just not to go crazy. The response you got from the pharmacist is the exact response I got from mine. He just kinda looked at me and said "You would be best not to take anything." Obviously he has never been pregnant. Good luck!


Dani - August 26

Thanks Brandy! & Everyone else for your response. I went and got some.. it doesnt seem to be taking the pain away :( Im doomed the rest my pregnancy.. *sigh* hopefully my dr has the answer :) Good luck, and happy pregnancy to all!


Dustie - August 26

I was told any Tylenol product is safe.



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