Tylenol Use During Pregnancy

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Anonymous - September 11

I have trouble sleeping at night. I get more sleepy during the day time which doesn't help me because I am still working full time 12 hours a day. I know it is safe to take tylenol during pregnancy, but what about tylenol products, such as sinus, PM, etc for headaches/sleepless nights?


Mandee - July 23

I am 31 weeks and recently pulled a muscle in my back. The only way to relieve the pain and sleep through out the night was to take Tylenol every four hours. My doctor told me that Tylenol would not hurt my baby but would affect my liver it I took it all the time. She said that if the pain did not go away in a few days to call her but to continue taking tylenol until then. So, yes you can take REG tylenol just limit your doses. Ask your doctor about the sinus, PM, etc products. I don't believe that you can take them.


Misty - August 25

You are wrong Detheal. I was just at the doctor on Monday and my doctor said I could take Tylenol PM to sleep. He said it contains Tylenol and the same ingredient as Benadryl, which you can also take. Of course, he said not to take it every night. Also, you can take Tylenol Sinus. Just not everyday. I have had the same doctor for 5 years and he is great. He delivered my son two years ago. I do agree with the warm bath, it really does help. Good luck.


kim - August 27

i had broncitis last week and i was allowed to take tylenol, sudafed, robitussin dm, benadryl and an inhaler...all in moderation of course and i am 15 weeks pregnant.


tonia - September 2

I also agree with Misty. According to my doctor....one can take tylenol during pregnancy, however, try to avoid if at all possible. Taking only when you think that you really need it.


Laura - September 4

I asked my doctor if I can take Tylenol for headaches and she said it's perfectly fine, the safest thing you can take during pregnancy.


Kuki - September 10

Tylenonol is more prefered over simple asprin during pregnancy. Now if you start to think of T3 we have a new ballgame strating!


Kuki - September 10

Let me add....If you wish to take a Tylenol sleep aid I would seek a professional oppinion!


Tru - September 10

The only true way to find that out is by asking your doctor. It pretty much varies on everyones pregnancy!


anonymous - September 11

is tylenol safe to use during pregnancy?


Kim - September 17

This is my 3rd pregnancy. It is safe to take tylenol and benedryl. It's better to be comfortable than miserable with pregnancy pain. I take benedryl a couple time a week to sleep. People will try to scare you with all the hype of no drugs in pregnancy but these are perfectly safe, there has never, ever been a study that showed harm to a fetus from tylenol/benedryl use.


Lima - September 19

Hmm, well, like Tru said, it varies on everyones pregnancy, but, I have problems sleeping too, and I have a lot of pain, I can deal with it during the day, but it keeps my awake at night (especially my ankle, I fractured it in 23 places last year), anyway, my ob told me that any kind of tylenol is safe, but I'd check with the doctor first...


lacey - September 22

you should really check your doctor. when my mother was younger and was pregnant she took tylenol and had a miscarriage at 4 months.


Jennifer - September 27

I have been suffering from Migrqanes for about 2 weeks now and my Doctor says it is fine to take max 3 extra strength tylenol 3 times a day only if needed. But do not take Advil or Ibuprofen as becasue it thins your blood out.. That is all i know sorry i couldnt be much more help.


sherri - January 5

I am 34 weeks and am suffering from strep throat. Last nite I went to the hospital with a high fever, headache, sore throat, and vommiting. My doctor told me that Tylenol is safe to use during pregnancy, as long as it is used correctly. he also said that i should stay away from ASA based products like Ibuprofin and Motrin and Advil. In case you were wondering, he also gave me gravol, to help with the vommiting. I can take a maximum of eight extra strength tylenol per day, and one gravol every six hours.


lilmama - January 5

Tylenol PM is ok but i dont know about sinus


Rhea - January 7

I am 10 wks, and suffering two days w/migraine headache. Is it safe to be using tylenol at such an early stage of pregnancy?



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