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skim - July 10

I'm 18 weeks and I'm scheduled for my u/s this Thursday. I haven't had an u/s since 11 weeks and I can't wait until I find out the s_x of my baby. How far along were you when you found out? For those of you who wasn't able to see anything, were you able to get another u/s or did you have to pay for it? I have Blue Cross insurance and live in MD. Thanks!


KLT - July 10

I don't think they'll pay for you to have another one done b/c the point of the U/S is for them to make sure the baby is ok...not necessarily determine the s_x. At least thats what they told me. I have Kaiser though (live in VA). If you end up having to pay for it, i've found a bunch of places that'll do it for you for a reasonable price...you can also try out the 3D ones. I've found a couple places in MD that do it...closest one I found (for me when I was looking) was in Bowie. The regular U/S ran like $70 or $80 (i think) and the 3D ran anywhere from $180 - $300 depending on the package you chose... Luckily for me, Kaiser doesn't charge me for any of my regular visits (including the U/S) but they said they wouldn't do it again if I didn't see the s_x.


tritty - July 10

HEY KLT- i was reading your reply and i too live in VA. don't know where you're located but my doctors office does them (in fairfax) and i'm pretty sure it's a $200 flat fee. and skim, it depends on your insurance and if you're high risk or not. i know a lot of HMO's only allow for 1 ultrasound the whole pregnancy and with a PPO you can usually have however many you want (or your doctor orders). you can call your insurance and ask them what your maternity policies are.


Perl - July 10

To answer your 1st question: I was at 20 weeks at the u/s when I found out the s_x of my baby. I will not be having any other ultrasounds unless there is a problem or reason for concern, which I hope to God there is not. You may end up having to pay for an extra ultrasound. Good luck on Thursday!!


aomont - July 10

Hi Skim, I was able to tell the s_x of my baby during the ultrasound at about 17-18 weeks . The technician will try to shake your baby awake or get it to move if is not cooperating...good luck!


sahmof3 - July 10

I wasn't able to have an 18-20 wk. u/s with my first (6 years ago) b/c they didn't do them routinely at my practice and I'd have had to pay. I switched practices and with #'s 2 & 3 I found out at 18 weeks and 19 weeks in order. I don't think they will let you just find out the s_x (without you paying), but if there's a medical reason to do another, they'll check for you again. With #2 I had another one at 32 weeks (I was measuring too big) and she was still a girl- lol. The order of my three are boy- girl- boy. BTW, they were right about the s_x of the ones I found out!!


skim - July 11

Thanks everyone for your replies. I'm hoping the baby cooperates on Thursday! KLT, where was the 3D u/s in Bowie? I live in Rockville so Bowie isn't terribly far. It would be good to have them as an option. Tritty, I'll check with my doctor about u/s...I'm on a PPO so hopefully I can get another one if baby doesn't cooperate.


alley24 - July 11

I had my ultrasound yesterday and I am 18 weeks, I am having a boy, I had a 2d, at 28 weeks (my Choice) I am having a 4d that we will pay for($140.00) and that is just my choice.


yetanothertripletmom - July 11

I'm 15 weeks and I just found out the s_x of the baby yesterday. I'm high-risk though so I have an u/s with every doctor visit. Good luck!


MM - July 11

I had my first ultrasound around 11 weeks & my second around 19 weeks. We were unable to learn the s_x of our baby because he had his legs crossed. That was supposed to be my last ultrasound but because the tech couldn't get good pictures of the spine (due to baby's position) she booked us for another one two weeks later. So at about 21 weeks we found out it's a boy!!


mgreen - July 14

try and have a small candy bar or a soda before you go in to the ultrasound. I had mine at 17 weeks and we were able to tell that it was a girl. She was very active. But we got a lot of great shots.


skim - July 14

Well, we went for our u/s yesterday and it was amazing! The baby was so active and I loved the little feet! The technician thinks it's a girl but she wasn't 100% sure. She said at 19 weeks, girls are harder to tell. We're thrilled at the thought of having a little girl. My husband is in big trouble! He is just going to melt over her. I think we're going to go for a 3D ultrasound in the next few weeks. Can anyone recommend a good place near Rockville, MD?


Perl - July 14

CONGRATULATIONS, Skim on seeing a nice u/s and finding out it's a girl even if it's not a 100% definite. I have no recommendations for 3D since I live on west coast. Good luck!



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