U S Found Small Placenta Bleed

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shortcake - May 10

I haven't had any bleeding at all this pregnancy. I'm 19 weeks 5 days along. I'm feeling baby kick every day. Today when they said there's a concealed bleed behind the placenta a little smaller then a dime, I really started to worry! The position of the placenta is great it's not even near my cervix so that's not the problem. They said they want to see me back in June to make sure the bleed didn't get bigger. They said I might have some spotting of old blood and it could be from this bleed they found today. They told me it's normal and not to worry but maybe they're just saying that to make me feel better? Has anyone had this happen before? What was the out come? Did it heal on its own? Thanks for your feedback :)


Susan W - May 12

I have the same problem. It's called a subchorionic hematoma. Mine is much bigger than yours :( in that it measures 8 cm x 4 cm x 5 cm. They generally heal on their own, if you don't have any new bleeding, somewhere around 20 or so weeks, but they can persist the whole pregnancy, and you just deliver the SCH along with a baby. Avoid things like heavy lifting, s_x (sorry!), driving long distances, and anything than can stress your abdomen; some doctors prescribe bedrest, but mine said just to use my common sense as bedrest is not proven to help. Don't worry if the blood is dark red or brownish, but if it's bright red, you need to call your doctor. I just got done with my fourth major bleed this pregnancy -- my bleeding is enough that I need two postpartum pads to manage it, but I seriously doubt you'll bleed that much. It can start without warning, and there's usually no cramping. You may pa__s blood clots, and that's OK. With the larger SCH's, there is a higher risk for preterm labor, and I was only given a 50/50 chance of carrying this baby at first to term, but the odds get better if the SCH decreases in size, is small and may depend on location (I can't find which location is better). I now have like a 70-80% chance, and that may go up if the bleed has gone away at my next u/s at 17 weeks. I would say your odds are very good. The doctor is just being careful in having you come back. I get an u/s every 2-4 weeks to check my bleed. I wouldn't worry about it. and usually I don't. It' mostly annoying to wear a pad while pregnant -- we're supposed to have a vacation from that! Good luck!


kimberly - May 14

My friend miscarried in Dec. because of a subchronic bleed at 12 weeks, she spotted from 7 weeks until then. She is now 10 weeks pregnant again with no bleeding yet!! Wish both of you lots of luck!


kimberly - May 14

I wanted to say that it does greatly depend on siz and location of the bleed. It is worse if it is near where the placenta attaches and if it is big. Also studies have found that there is a better outcome for pregnancy that develop the bleed in the 2nd trimester rather than the first, this is because in the first trimester if the bleed exist the placenta may not be able to attach at the 12th week. In the 2nd trimester the placenta is aready attached and it is not as likely that the bleed will form under the placenta.


Susan W - May 15

There is a yahoo group for mommies with an SCH if you're interested. Many are even worse off than I am, but something like 90% of them have delivered healthy babies on time. I think it's called SCHgroup, but I'm not sure. I found it by googling subchorionic hematoma and clicking on a link I found. Be aware if you do any googling and read what you find it's very scary. But your bleed is so small that the vast majority of what you find doesn't apply to you.



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