U S Question Too Much Or Too Little Movement

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Kira_lynn - June 12

my question being, how much did your baby move around? The tech said the baby was sleeping. After about 10min of pushing around it turned on its back, then it just layed there until she'd push and he'd move his hands and feet. I drank a bottle of oj and then we did a va___al u/s..it was clearer and she was able to get the pics she needed. This was my 13week u/s, at my 11week the baby was boucing around...this time much more reserved... just made me nervous, not the tech tho. She said she really had to work for her money today. Ohhh and she said her best guess is that its a boy! Fingers crossed on that one.


SuzieQ - June 12

I had an u/s at 18w5d and my little one was conked out! The tech wasn't worried, and we could see a clear heartbeat. The baby moved his/her arms and legs, but it even looked like a "don't bug me, I'm sleeping" kind of movement - if that makes any sense! lol


MuzikGurl - June 12

yea I understand...I had a scan done at 13 weeks but the baby measured 12 weeks and the little peanut couldn't even sit still enough to get a clear heart beat rhythum reading...at that time they finally got it at 158bpm now a week later the little monkey is so still every once out of 30 sec finally it would move an arm or legs we think it was sleeping still it was early too but the heart beat read 150bpm...so, I wasn't too scared cause we could hear the heart beat but I wanted it to wake up...dh thinks it's a girl and she's being difficult like her mommy...lol.


nha - June 14

I had my scan at 18 w and my baby was napping, but had a strong HB. The technician was trying to wake him up by pushing but he wouldn't. So don't worry the baby does whatever it feels to at whatever time not matter what you do. I hope this helps.


Kira_lynn - June 14

Thanks gals, that really helped ease my mind! Im just trying to get through the stomach pains now, I guess from all the pressing and jabing (plus i have a bladder infection) Im really internally bruised....hehe...ouchhh



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