U S Tech Gender Prediction At 12 Weeks Could It Be Wrong

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JMP - March 17

My boyfriend and I are truly happy that I'm pregnant and really hoping our first is a girl! (I'm 12 weeks and 1 day to be exact) We went for the NT today and the U/S tech asked if we wanted to know if it was a girl or boy..I said sure (I was so sure she was going to say boy because I've had no morning sickness or anything!) and she was like well..looks like a girl! I was so surprised and taken back! I think my boyfriend was a little disappointed..We will love our baby no matter what of course but we're really hoping for a boy..I mean could she be wrong? She did say it was just a guess and not to go out and tell people we are having a girl..but I was so sure it was a boy..Now it's stuck in my BF head that it's a girl lol..Now I'm totally wishing I never said I wanted to know!! LOL..anyone else out there!?


JMP - March 17

ahh I mean really hoping our first is a boy!


Kristin72 - March 17

JMP I didn't know they could find out the s_x at 12weeks as the genitals are still forming? Wait to see at 18weeks. Whatever the s_x of your child, you and your bf will love this child regardless. Just hope for a healthy child and leave the rest to chance. Remember it is the male sperm that decides the s_x..tell your bf that one. :)


augustmommy3 - March 18

you shouldn't trust all those tales about how it's a boy if you have no sickness, several of my friends had horrible morning sickness thru out the pregnancy and all had boys. so really, it's just a guess, most of the time :)


babyblue2 - March 18

I agree with Kristin... its hard to tell the s_x so early on. I am kinda surprised the tech would even ask you at this point. When I went in for my 12 week, they said 'no way... too soon'!


clindholm - March 19

I was told the s_x of my baby at my 12 week NT scan and it was correct. It really depends upon the skill of the ultrasound technician as well as the doctor and the equipment. We were told that the doctors track record was about 95% correct. Although there are no actual genitalia that can be seen, the doctor told me that if something (forgive me, I don't remember exactly) was pointing up it was a girl and down was a boy or vise versa. I don't know what exactly it was that indicates it. I would not run out & buy anything, wait until 18 weeks for a truly accurate answer. Good luck, you will love your baby no matter what!!!


andesue - March 20

I also was told at my 12 week nt u/s that my baby was a girl, and confirmed that at 20 weeks. :) It actually is the genetalia that they are looking at, just not fully formed. the part that will eventually be a p___s (pointing up)or a v____a (pointing down) is how they tell. My ultrasound tech said that he had only been wrong a couple times but still to not run out and buy pink stuff. But, now I can!


JMP - March 21

I'm sad now!! I hope she was wrong!


augustmommy3 - March 21

oh come on!! You can't be sad, this is your baby, girl or boy! who cares! you should be more concern as to whether she's healthy or not! gender is not that important after all. Your baby can feel everything you feel or worry about, don't send the vibes as if she is not as much wanted as a baby boy would be!


JMP - March 21

Oh yeah I'm being so immature I know. Some of this seems hormonal lol..I know I will love him/her regardless! I guess I just never thought I'd have a daughter! I have three brothers, no sisters and everyone else in my family and his family are all boys I guess I just figured I'd have a boy too like everyone else, I guess I'm just scared and nervous for a girl especially after the hell I gave my mother in my teenage years! LOL..Thanks guys =]


Salle - March 23

First of all congratulations to your pregnancy JMP!:) Try not to be sad about the news that it might be a girl and instead be happy that you´re expecting. But I can understand that now knowing the s_x of your baby messes with your head since you´ve probably thought of a boy even before you got pregnant. The ultrasound technician is probably good at her job but it feels a little too soon to tell whether it´s a boy or a girl at week 12. I´m from Sweden and in the last weeks there has been a discussion about whether you should get to know the s_x of your baby or not, since women from Norway come to our country to get that information. If it´s not the s_x they want they get an abortion. Isn´t that horrible!? I know you will love your baby JMP whether it´s a boy or a girl. Congratulations once again and good luck to you!


augustmommy3 - March 23

Wow, Salle, i have not heard about this! How are they able to do that, i mean, in most cases you find out the s_x of the baby pretty late into pregnancy, like anywhere between 16-20 weeks. Abortions at that stage are extremely complicated! I am not against them, every woman has a right to choose, but there's a big difference when you get an abortion at 6 weeks when it's just a size of peanut and barely has a heart beat. Having an abortion at 16-20 week point is killing an almost fully developed human! That is horrible! I seriously think they should not allow doing that at that stage, unless it is emergency and you have no choice but terminate your pregnancy of health problems to you or baby. I'm shocked!


Salle - March 23

I´m shocked as well! In Norway women can get an abortion at week 12 at the latest without having to state a special cause in order to get it done, whereas in Sweden it´s possible to get an abortion at week 18 at the latest. In an article it says that it should not be possible for the Norwegian mothers to be to get to know the s_x of the baby before week 12 because it´s against the law for the ultrasound technician to give that information out. But apparently some women demands to be told and some techs ignore the law which result in that the women come to Sweden to have the abortion. In Sweden we get to do the ultrasound between 17-19 week unless there have been any kind complications with an earlier pregnancy. Then you get to do it much earlier. I agree with you augustmommy3 that an abortion between 16-20 week is way too late.


JMP - March 23

WELL..for us no matter what the s_x we are going to keep the baby lol, I love my moomoo was just hoping for a boy, but will equally love a girl as well of course! I would never ever have an abortion because the baby wasn't the s_x I wanted. That sounds totally irresponsible and childish!


lildevilgirl22 - March 25

i would wait till the 20week ultrasound for a confirmation because at 12 weeks the genitalia is still forming so its still possible that the baby is a girl i had a 14week ultrasound and the tech did not even attempt to tell the gender


stefkay - March 27

I had my NT scan at 12 weeks and I asked the tech if she could tell and she said she'd look "for fun"...they cannot tell you with any certainty (that is their "disclaimer") before 16 or 18 weeks but she said girl and sure enough it was the same at 14 weeks and then confirmed at 20 weeks. JMP, don't worry as it could still turn out to be a boy, but if not, OMG little girls are soooooo much fun!!!!! Literally it makes me want to cry when I see her interact with her daddy. She melts his heart. I can't imagine what it would be like to have a boy now :)


lillmomma - April 10

I have 2 boys and I'm expecting my 3rd we don't know what it is yet but i go for a 12 week u/s tomorrow but jmp u don't know how lucky u would be to have a girl i love my boys like crazy and wouldn't trade them for anything but boys r crazy & daring if this next one is a boy they can just take my hair right there



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