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Tonibug - January 25

I went to the ultrasound technician yesterday and everything looks good with the baby, she told my husband and I that she was moving my due date up a week to June 4th, it was June 9th. She said that the baby weighed 1 pound exactly. Is it just me or does that seem too big for 22weeks. I had read that around week 26 the baby should weigh a pound. What do u think?


jessica72 - January 25

Nope.. my baby was also one pound at 22 weeks. They didn't even bat an eye. I know by the second trimester which begins at week 28, they are roughly about 2.5 lbs.


aliciavr6 - January 25

Nah, mine measured 13 oz. yesterday and I'm 20 weeks.


ValChil - January 25

I'm 23 weeks and I read that the baby is a little over 1 lb. by now and that by week 28 the baby will triple in weight, so look forward to that :)


shygirly - January 25

Well toni...i just went this morning for my ultrasound and found out it was a girl!! yay girl!! Very exciting! I'm 22 weeks and my due date has changed 4 times!! The last due date i had was june 9th as well and then today because of the size the doc said june 3rd!! so we are almost the exact same. The baby was about 12 inches long and weighed 1lb exactly...so i think you're right on track and everything is fine. The date is just an estimate, but usually if it's your first it will stay in longer than your due date anyway. The date is just a guess, so dont worry. We are in the same boat girlfriend!


Tonibug - January 25

Thanks guys for your replys...I feel a lot better now. Hey shygirly Im having a girl as well.....we are in the same boat. I keep thinking Im going to have this baby in May anyway. I have thought that since the beginning. We will see


ValChil - January 25

I'm having a girl too! It seems like everyone is....congrats to you both!


Tracy88 - January 25

I think that's normal. I went in for an U/S last week (22 weeks) and I was told my cutie was 1.2 pounds and measuring right on target. I am also having a girl.


ophelia73 - January 25

My baby measured 3/4 lbs., and I am 20 weeks. I wouldn't worry.



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