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Bilmes123 - July 21

I was wondering when everyone had their first ultrasound. I had one at 12 weeks but that was to see why I was spotting. I am now 19 weeks and was suppost to have an ultrasound today but went to the wrong place. The place I was origionaly suppost to go to I had no way of getting to since I don't drive. Now I wont beable to get one till Aug 18th because that was the only time I could get in and London ont has 4 ultrasound places in the city.


clindholm - July 22

I had early ultrsounds but I believe it is normally between 18-20 weeks. Good luck.


Kimmer23 - July 22

yeah, I had some early ones because I was with a fertility specialist. But, I think the 18-20 wks is normal.


FinallyPreggers - July 22

Blimes123, gotta love Canadian health care, eh? The hospital where I will go is so backed up, I'm going at 24 weeks for mine. I had 2 earlier ones, both in the ER, both too early for gender determination. So I don't mind waiting.


Bilmes123 - July 22

yea I hate it...there are also a lot of pregnant women in london it seems lmao. every where you look....even when my sister went to go get her vitamins they were sold out lmao. but yea i have to wait until im around 24 weeks now and my sister had hers done at that time and they couldnt even fit the whole baby on the ultrasound picture....it totaly blew. and i didnt want that to happen to me...but oh well


baby2jan13 - July 22

I had my first at 6 weeks, then I was spotting slightly so I had another quick one at 9 weeks. My next one is with my doctor at 19 weeks. I am actually getting an additional one at the 3-D place on Sunday just to find out the s_x. It's different for everyone but definitely 18-20 weeks.


ashley_1991 - July 22

Blimes- i live in london ont also. If you call victoria hospital they have a womens clinic that runs every friday, you have to call friday though, and they do ultrasounds and what not there :D


Bilmes123 - July 22

lol thats funny my name is ashley too. but i heard that you can only go to victoria if it is an emergancy. i also work every friday



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