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Dani - July 11

Hi, I'm currently 16 weeks pregnant, and I have my first ultrasound scheduled in a few days. Will they be able to determine the s_x of the baby at 16 weeks? Any advice would help, thanks......


Amy - July 11

Hi, I had mine at 19 weeks and 5 days and found out we are having a girl. I believe the very best time to see the s_x of the baby is between 18 and 22 weeks (not too small, not too big yet). However, if yours is scheduled at 16 weeks, then maybe they feel they will be able to see what they need to see. I would just ask your doctor about this to be sure. Enjoy seeing your little one on the ultrasound. It will still be amazing even if you don't see what s_x it is. :)


Melissa - July 11

My ultra to find out the s_x is when i will be 18 weeks. My DR said anytime between 16-22 weeks you can find out. Now dont get your hopes up too high. We looked 3 times before we found out what my daughter was. She would not move and we could never see. But with a good tech he/she may be able to make the baby move so you can see. Good luck!!! ;)


Kayla - July 12

absolutely... both my sisters were able to find out what they're having at 16 weeks, 2 girls and 2 boys later, they guessed them right


Michelle - July 12

They should....as long you dont have a daughter like mine. They went for the ultrasound and she had her legs crossed...little stinker! Otherwise you should not have any problems. Good luck!!


Jaci - July 12

I had an u/s done when I was 14 weeks and they couldn't see anything. Yesterday I was 15 weeks, 3 days and they say a little boy. It was so exciting. But, it was exciting to see the little one at 14 weeks too, even though we couldn't find out because it was too early. During the u/s yesterday we were looking at my placenta and the baby was off the screen and all of a sudden he comes sliding in view just like he wanted attention. :) It was so funny and amazing.


dani - July 12

Thanks ladies so much, this really helps out a lot. I'll keep you posted, as my appt. is this Friday....so soon we'll find out what were having.....YEAH!!!


Ca__sie - July 12

Dani, we're gonna (hopefully) find out what we're having this Thursday. I'll be a day away from 19 weeks by then. Let me know what you find out!



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