Ultrasound Small Baby

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jacqui - December 11

hi, i'm wondering if it is normal for my baby to be smaller than most babies at 14 weeks and 6 days. i haven't spoken to my doc yet, but that's what the nurse told me....that my baby was a smaller than what it should be at this time. she had the paper with the results on it and i couldn't read it cuz it was in chinese. (i am currently working in china but will go back to canada to give birth) is it more normal for me to have a small baby since i'm only 5"1' and weight 110lbs? hope someone can fill me in or ease my mind.


Lisa - December 13

All babies are different. They all grow at their own speed. I wouldn't worry about it too much especially since you are small too. Talk to your doc to ease your mind.


CM - December 17

It could also be that you are not as far along as you think. Dont worry too much, you're tiny too!!


Christine - December 17

Actually within the first trimester most babies grow at the same rate...I think more possibly they have given you a due date that is a little off...If I were you I would not let a nurse give me any info...if she cant back it up with answering the why's and why not's...good luck...give the doc a call if possible and ask for the results in more through explanation..


lyns - January 14

nope, the u/s would have given u the correct date. But dont worry coz in my first pregnancy they kept telling me that my baby was small and i had to keep going back for quite a lot of scans near the end of pregnancy . My doctor told me that the baby was really small and would only weigh about 31bs when born. They got this soooo wrong, i had a little girl 2 weeks before my due date and she weighed in at 61b 14, SO DONT WORRY ABOUT IT, good luck.


jacqui - January 18

thanks, guys, for your input. Lyns, i just checked the board today and there your message was. just right for me. i went to see the doc today and she asked me if my periods were irregular, i said yes. then she said cuz the u/s shows that my baby was 12 weeks and not 14 as according to my LMP. so she decided to up my due date from June 4th to June 16th. i'm supposed to be in week 20 and she said move it back to 18 weeks! i'm still sketchy about it cuz two weeks is a huge difference. thanks again.


lyns - January 31

hi again jaqui, well fancy that, i am 19 weeks pregnant now and the midwife has just told me that this is also a small baby. i am not going to worry about it too much tho coz as i said they said that to me last time. she said i would prob have to go to get more u/s done at the end of pregnancy, yet again i have heared this all before.


Kay - August 17

just wondering how everything went with the size of your baby and what not. I am also 5'1" and prepregnancy weight was 103. The doctors are also saying that my baby is small. Just wondering if you delivered closer to the first due date or the latter. How much did your baby weigh at birth?


carol - August 17

babies grow at the same rate till around 34 weeks that is a fact a geneologist told me that when i had a cvs done


... - August 17

Carol, I think you mean gynocologist... not geneologist.


jess - September 7

I have 33 week and my baby is too small, he is 15%



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