Ultrasound They Would Tell You Right

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shortcake - June 9

The ultrasound tech would report anything unusual to my doctor right if there were anything wrong with baby? I dont know why I'm even worrying I guess I've just been obsessed with these ultrasound pictures I got. I'm 24 weeks. Baby measures right on track and everything. But the pictures look scary! Maybe I'm just hormonal and worry crazy. I just want reassured that if they thought something was abnormal about baby they would let me know right or they'd tell my doctor and my doctor would advise me right? I've had an ultrasound at 20 weeks and one at 24 weeks (the first one I had a small bleed in the placenta so they wanted to make sure it went away with the 2nd u/s) . Anyway I'm just nervous about baby. I just want everything to be ok. And wanted to see what you thought...they'd let me know if something looked wrong right? I mean, they found something as little as a dime sized bleed in the placenta and let me know right away so maybe they have been very thurough with checking things.


venus_in_scorpio - June 9

i asked the same question because my u/s pics looked like the baby only had one arm but the ladies on here were vary rea__suring to me that all ultrasound pictures esp. early ones are kind of freaky looking and that the doc would say something.


Mingill - June 9

Don't worry shortcake, if something was wrong the lab would have told you doctor who would have told you. After my last u/s I was the same way, I just wanted to know that everything was fine. When is your next doc. appt.? I just came right out and asked my doctor, was everything okay with the u/s. It caught her offgaurd, because she was working through her little list, but she was able to a__sure me everything was fine. So, I think you are probably just fine too.


shortcake - June 9

I thought about even calling today just to outright ask them if it was ok. I hope it doesnt sound shallow but the 3D picture of the babys face just looks scary! I was hoping it would be cute and round but it looks all squished and skeletal or like its forehead runs in to the eye with no sunk in part for the eye...but on my 20 week ultrasound picture you can see the hollow eye socket part. Maybe it was just the position of the baby the other day. Just her face worried me the more I look at it the more it bothers me. I almost was thinking of asking how much another u/s would cost at my docs office just to rea__sure me. But other then the placenta bleed that was the only thing they told me they were worried about.


Micky - June 9

Yes..the baby pictures will look scary...I had told my husband well in advance about that so that he does not get alarmed....I did not want him to think that he will get to see a cute and chubby baby...It is because there are no fat deposits now..It is mostly bones...The fat deposits later in the pregnancy...so, don't worry...you are fine...


mindymay - June 9

dont worry, if there was a problem, the doc would have told you. and at this point our babies dont have all the fat they need, they are just growing it, so yeah they look skeletal.



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