Ultrasound Again

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krissy79 - May 23

The tech told me to come back for my ultrasound...she said that she couldn't see the stomach or face due to position...could this be right? or does it mean theres not stomach/face? See how worrisome this is for me...totally new to this!!


venus_in_scorpio - May 23

i think its because of the baby position. does your office have 4-D? those are cool.... but yeah the doctor kept on jiggling my tummy last time (which was NOT cool as I had o pee really bad) because the baby was sleeping and she needed it to move a certain way...


Hana - May 23

Krissy this happened to me just yesterday. The baby perferred to sleep on facing down and so the sonographer couldnt see his face/front. She asked me to have something sugary and when she redid the scan (it took three tries) the baby had flipped on his back. Dont worry your baby is fine, just being a little naughty:)


AppleCake - May 23

Don't worry this is normal! I had to go in twice with my last scan as the babe was fidgeting too much for them to get decent freeze frames on the bits they needed to measure. Enjoy going back for another look!


mcatherine - May 23

I have a level 2 every 4 weeks and they take so many pictures it is unreal. They measure every organ, every bone, and watch the blood flow from the placenta, through the heart, fluid go therough the kidneys, etc... It is an hour procedure every time. When bambino won't move - they give me cold water, move onto concentrated juice and have me push from the top, the sides and the bottom. Once I had the second half done while I laid on my side. I think Hana is right - your baby is just being a little naughty. I have followed you since the beginning and I know you have so many reasons to worry. Remember to take a few deep breaths and let yourself calm down. If they thought it was serious, they wouldn't have made you wait this long. And like Applecake said - look forward to getting to see baby again!


HannahBaby - May 23

Haha the bab has a stomach/face!! Just the positioning is making it hard to see...


CamysMama - May 23

I have to go back for a second u/s next month... but I wish it was because the doc needed to see the rest of Camy. He said her left ventrical in her brain was slightly larger than average... he was careful to tell me it was not abnormally large, that the normal range is 5mm-10mm, but he usually sees them at around 6mm. Hers was 7.5mm, so he wants us to come back so he can check on it. He said not to worry, but can you imagine me NOT worrying about it? I've been telling myself over and over that it's probably just developmental, that she will be fine when we go back... but it is so hard not to worry! So I definitely understand your anxiety. But it sounds like your little bundle is just fine, just being a little camara-shy. Let us know after you go back! Lots of love! :o)


Mingill - May 23

When we went for the morphology ultrasound, baby was misbehaving. First baby was all folded up so the tech couldn't get a good look at anything, then baby kept hiding it's face or sitting right under my bellyb___ton (I had no idea that an ultrasound can't get a picture through the bellyb___ton). I got sent to the bathroom to jiggle around in an attempt to get baby to move (thank goodness the tech told me to empty my bladder at that point). I'm sure your baby is fine, the doctors just need to have all the measurements in order to tell how baby is developing.



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