Ultrasound Always Right

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filly06 - February 14

So we found out that we are expecting a girl according to out ultrasound Monday. I know this is weird, but I just knew it was a boy. Dont get me wrong I am happy for any gender but I just cant believe its a girl. Well I have a question maybe someone can answer. The tech only determined gender by looking from bottom up and said b/c nothing was there it was a girl...which sounds right...but then looking at the video and picture more I dont see any female parts. I have read on the internet that you look for 3 lines for a girl (none there), and there was no indention...the entire thing was really fuzzy. But is there a chance the baby could be a boy???Thanks!


Marie6549 - February 14

All I can say is that when I had my son 4 years ago I had to ask the tech to double check the s_x as I was convinced it was a girl. The tech was right and out popped Jamie with all the male parts! I even bought pink stuff I convinced myself that much....I wasn't upset at the s_x of the baby as I really honestly didn't mind, I was annoyed at myself as the baby was in me and I should have known the real s_x. All these women who say 'I just knew....' well I truly believed I did too. I am now 17w 5d pregnant with number 2 and do not have a clue this time. Sometimes I think it will be a boy and other times I think it will be a girl - it's only 50/50 so I guess it will be one or the other....lol! From friends experiences and things I have read on the net, it is more common for their to be mistakes if they tell you it is a girl as the parts may not be truly visible and it is very clear for a boy, but with todays technology and the detail the u/s go into I would trust what the tech said. Have you got any further scans booked - 4d, growth? You could always get them to double check xx


DownbutnotOUT - February 14

I had a s_x determining u/s at 19 weeks 5 days and it is a 60-70% probability it is a boy! I believe it is more than likely a boy due to the fact my DH's family is overrun by boys. though I myself keep having dreams and feelings its a girl it drives me nuts at times but I go for another u/s around 30 weeks and by than baby will be bigger so they should be able to tell more accuratly. Also with my daughter at a u/s 29-30 weeks she was head down and legs far spread and they said girl (which i already knew) but the tech could point out the labia to me so it was a definate.


aliciavr6 - February 14

There's always a chance they could be wrong. Maybe you could setup a 3D appt if you really want to find out, I'm sure that would be more apparent


mommybabyboy21 - February 14

how far along are you? that could determind whether they could be wrong or not...are you having another ultrasound soon...


Daryna1027 - February 14

I had my u/s done at 19 weeks. I was so convinced it was another boy,and I told the tech i wanted a girl.she told me it was 99.9 girl and she even checked 3-4 times to be sure,because she didn't see any male parts.but i'm still not convinced...it drives me crazy


filly06 - February 15

Thank you ladies! :) I do have a 3D ultrasound scheduled for April 18th...so hopefully I will be sure after that. But for now we have grandparents already giving us cute little outfits. Our daughter will be the first girl for my husband's side, he is thrilled. ;) I just really thought my "mother's intuition" would of been right. ;)


filly06 - February 15

Oh, btw I had my ultrasound done Monday and I was exactly 19 weeks.


Tracy88 - February 15

My friend was told before Christmas that she is having a boy, then 3 weeks later was told, "Oops, it's a girl!" Since we see the same doctors, I keep having them check every time I go back for an ultrasound. Fortunately for me, I get U/S's once a month for various reasons, so I keep having the tech validate the gender so I can keep buying pink! At his point thay better not be wrong because I have gotten so many cute clothes!


mrs.vegas - February 15

with my daughter, i swore up and down i was having a boy. obviously i was wrong...but the tech said 60% chance for a girl. now i'm 16wks, and my u/s is scheduled for 3/1. i have no idea what i'm having this time! my entire family thinks its a boy....except my daughter. i keep having dreams that its a boy though. one morning my alarm clock while waking me up sounded like, "its a boy, its a boy, its a boy" i guess we'll see!! good luck to all!



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