Ultrasound And Wanting To Know The Sex

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sunshyne9 - July 5

Ok so im 20w 3 days today... and I go for my 2nd u/s on Friday July 7th.. Now I sooo want to know the s_x of my baby.. BUT im soo afraid they arn't gonna be able to tell me because of the positioning of the baby. Which I know tehre is not much you can do lol Anyone have some reassurance that the baby will be the right way.. how many have had good u/s and found out the s_x and how many have had one done and the baby didn't co operate..?? thanks for your info...


venus_in_scorpio - July 5

i went monday and had that problem, my baby was sit_tng there with its legs crossed. haha. many of my friends said that they were allowed to get up and walk around and reposition themselves to try again though so it kind of depends on who you get. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!


SuzieQ - July 5

I couldn't tell with my little one - legs were up near the face and the tech couldn't tell "for sure" what it was. So we're kind of excited to find out in a few more months!


AmyB - July 5

i just had my u/s on monday and i was the same way really wanting to know and my u/s tech was very receptive and patient until she seen it was a boy! good luck! oh and make sure you have a full bladder b/c it helps them see better and the baby move more...


mandie - July 5

I just went in this morning. The baby was all curled up in a ball at first, so I wasn't sure we'd be able to tell. She did finally get a shot between the legs, and it's a boy. They won't say they are 100% sure, but she said she was about 99% sure. Good luck. I am 20w 4 days today, by the way.


lilbeanNov7th - July 5

yeah I understand your pain ladies! My husband and I went Monday, July 3rd and were looking foreward to going shopping afterwards for some boy or girl clothing. They tried four different times (after I got up and walked around) and still nothing! There's this picture we got to take home of the baby with his/her legs crossed. I was so disappointed! The other unfortunate part is that this is my only ultrasound. I just rea__sure myself that the baby looked healthy and that's truly what matters.. but I was still upset.


HannahBaby - July 5

i couldent tell with my little one


ThePezChick - July 5

Suggestion from my sister... drink some orange juice about 30-45 minutes BEFORE you SEE the doctor. The sugar makes your baby more active so you're more likely to be able to see his/her "stuff". It worked for us. Our little guy looked like he was riding a bicycle. He moved all over the place and we were able to see his p___s VERY clearly.


ezwaggy - July 5

Have any of you that didn't get to find out considered the 3D or 4D scans? Anyone have info on these? Just curious to know if people have tried them and liked them or know of any reasons not to get it done. Thanks!


sunshyne9 - July 5

Wow it's like a 50-50 split on who could see and who couldn't lol and thanks PezChick.. I will definatlely drink some orange juice and have a full bladder.. I mean can't hurt to drink some OJ anyways lol.. Ill let everyone know.. keep your fingers crossed for me lol lol I can't wait now.. And if we don't find out we are definately going to have the 3D scan done... lol


AmyB - July 5

actually they like for your bladder to be full of clear fluid...good luck!


jenrodel - July 5

The tech refused to even check for us at our 20 week ultrasound, so there was no hope regardless of how the baby was positioned!! Last week we had a 3D ultrasound done to try and find out the s_x. At first baby was curled up and not moving, but after a walk around and some water etc. he had moved enough to see that it was a boy!!


MM - July 6

I had my ultrasound on July 21st & baby had its legs crossed so they couldn't tell the s_x. But because of the way baby was sleeping, they couldn't get any good pictures of the spine so I had to go for another ultrasound yesterday & we found out it's a boy!!


sunshyne9 - July 6

Wow I see alot of boys in here...lol lol Well tha'ts what im hoping for.. so hopefully it's a boy time of the year and that's waht it will be.. I would be happy too if it was a girl.. but I have 1 of my own and my b/f has 2 girls of his own lol lol sooo together would be nice for a boy lol but hey.. as long as it's healthy that's all that matters... :)


BriannasMummy - July 6

When I was pregnant with my now four year old daughter, at the end of my pregnancy her movement slowed down drastically. So for the last four weeks of my pregnancy I had to go to fetal a__sessment to MAKE HER MOVE. There were two methods that they use at the hospital to make your baby "dance". One was to drink some oj.. OR I could also eat ice chips. The ice chips worked the best. Bring some water along with you filled with ice.. while youre waiting in the waiting room chomp on some ice.. your baby will be "dancing" like NO tomorrow. Good Luck.. im crossing my fingers for you!


Aud1441 - July 6

When I was 20 weeks I just drank a soda before my ultrasound, and she was moving everywhere... Although the baby moves around it is still easy to get a shot of the s_x of the baby. My little girl would not hold still. But they determined that she was indeed a girl. most U/S techs can tell really easily.


linzee - July 7

my little boy was proud to show us he was indeed a boy. he had his legs spread wide open for us. the DH was so proud and kept saying thats my boy! he was sleeping when we first started though, so he barely moves at all, than he kinda waved his fist for us like he was angry at us for waking him up! i have another ultrasound next week because i had to switch to a military doctor and they want to do there own. im planning on drinking a mountain dew because my DH's cousin did it last week and her little one was moving all over the place!



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