Ultrasound For Gender Prediction

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ambertane - August 29

How much water should i drink before that ultrasound?? Can i do anything to make it better to determine the s_x?? I am 20 weeks, 3 days do you think they can tell the s_x?


Jenny M. - August 29

Hi Amber, I just had an ultrasound at 19 weeks and did not have to drink any unusual amounts of fluid. I had another ultrasound done at 13 weeks and for that one I had to drink 32 oz of water. I am having another ultrasound in two weeks (I'll be 23 weeks) and the doctor did not instruct me to drink any particular amount of fluid for that one either! Hope this helps...I think your bladder should no longer be obstructing the view by 20 weeks.


Sonia - August 29

I had my first ultrasound at 14 weeks and I thought I had to drink till I dropped, but no. Probably just had half a litter and that was more than enough, suprisingly clear ultrasound, and not a camera shy baby! Good luck!


Mandi - September 9

I was 19 weeks and 1 day and they told me I was having a boy. Even though he did not cooperate very well, they were still able to get a decent b___t shot on the little guy. No advice other than what they told me....16 ounces of water (more for viewing the cervix), then she actually made me empty my bladder so she could get a better look at the baby....she said "this full bladder just isn't helping me". I really could not complain. Nothing you can do to help them better determine the s_x...unless you can try to schedule your appt around your babies activity schedule. If you can feel the baby move, and he/she is fairly consistent (ie always moves around 3 or right after lunch) try to schedule the appt for this time. Otherwise, your baby might sleep through the entire thing. He moved around a little, but was too comfortable sleeping on his stomach to even consider any other position. Best of luck and be sure to keep us updated.


shelly - September 9

I found out that I am having a boy at 17 weeks, so they should be able to tell you now. They told me to empty my blatter and I actually didn't drink any water that day (it was in the morning and I didn't even know I was getting an ultrasound that day) and it was plain as day I was having a boy!!


Mother-to-be - September 10

Hi...I found out what i was having at 17 weeks. Although, had a lil trouble with the umbilical cord between the legs..but finally the baby moved and we seen it was a "She"


Mother-to-be - September 10

I had to drink any where from 16-20 oz. I would prefer Water or a clear soda. It shows much better at the u/s.


first timer - September 11

Hi. Its funny everyone has different answers. When I set up the appt. the u/s lady told me to drink 24ounces of water in 15 minutes by an hour before. So I am going on Thurs. and thats what I am going to do even though its going to be extremely hard! I will be almost 20wks preg. I really hope this baby of mine will cooperate!!



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