Ultrasound On Monday Need Advice

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Nicki - November 22

Hi all. Im due my ultrasound on Monday and I am getting really nervous about what they will see or find and what is wrong. Im terrible at waiting and I really wish it was today. I know its not a question yet but I just dont know what to think. Im confused and no one has been able to give me a straight answer...as hard as that sounds.


k - November 30

mine is also on monday im nervous too!! just to let you know your not alone..


K - December 2

I'm having my third ultrasound on Tuesday, I have high blood pressure, so I'm considered high risk. My doctor was so nice though, when I first found out I was pregnant, he routinely does an ultrasound for her patients...so I had one done at 6 weeks! Then again at 12 b/c my blood pressure spiked, and now again at 21 weeks. Don't worry, it's absolutely wonderful! The first time the baby was a little ball, you couldn't tell anything, but you could see the heart beating. Then at 12 weeks, I could see the profile of the face, toes, fingers, legs and arms...everything! On Tuesday I go to find out the s_x and I can't wait! It's going to be such a magical experience for you.


Claire - December 2

I'm in the same boat, but I guess all we can do is wait and relax. I will start my 12th week on Monday, and have that day an appt.at the doc too, I wonder what tests they'll do or what the u/s will show, It's my first pregnancy and I have no clue. But I'll have to relax and wait, that what I can advise you too, and if anyone has knowledge for me I'd appreciate it too. I'm just wondering! Thanks and good luck


Brenda - December 19

I just had mine at 14 weeks! It was amazing, I was scared too. I had to pee so bad though!!


Nancy - December 22

Hi Nicki, I feel the same anxiety as you, as my first ultrasound is due tomorrow! Well, the only thing we can do is pray to God that everything goes well, and I guess your partner by your side at that time would be a great morale booster in any case. This is my first pregnancy, so I am also in an unkown imaginary world right now. Good luck.


eyebeeablessing2u - December 22

They will take what is called a CTR measurement.. which means crown to rump measurement.... and measure your uterus... and may also measure the Fetal Nose bone and Femur bones... also to include maybe the diameter of the baby's head..... chekc the location of the placenta... and measure the heart beat..... I have had 3 ultrasounds so far....with one every month because I also have high blood pressure.... and I am on bed rest till I deliver in July.....it is great to see baby on the screen but nerve racking because they click and measure first then when it all done they will show you on the screen.... most times they just say everything looks good with no details.. so just be prepared for that.... Good luck and enjoy the time...



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