Ultrasound Pic Boy Or Girl

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terri - June 12

i have a question for someone who might be good at looking at ultrasound pics and determining the gender... i had my ultrasound almost 2 weeks ago and i would have been 20 weeks 4 days and one of the pics shows three lil dots down towards the babys private area. i was wondering if this would be the privates or something else and if the privates what you think that the s_x might be? i never seen anything hanging meaning a p__s but i did see like three dots. any guesses? i live in canada so they wont tell the gender at ultrasounds unless you pay for the 3d which i would have to travel for.


jessb - June 12

Three dots or lines in the private area usually indicates a girl. I have a girl so I should know, thats what we were told and what we saw on the ultrasound. I would think if you were 20 weeks and could seen the private area you probably would have seen a p___s if there was one. Of course it would depend on the position (it could be hiding). But I would say based on the 3 dots its a girl!!!!!


CatsMommy - June 12

Hi Terri - I just had my u/s a few weeks ago. This one is a boy. We also have a little girl who's going to be 4 in July. I don't think the thrree dots mean anything. On my son's u/s, you can actually see the t______es and the uncirc_msized p___s. We had 4 pictures taken on purpose so we can be sure. On my daugther's u/s, all it showed was a slit in-between her legs. When comparing the two u/s pics, you can absolutely tell the difference between the boy & girl genitals. Is this your first child?? I'm Italian and we have some crazy ways of determining the s_x of child. If the mom gains a ton of weight, carries the baby wide and the facial features change, for instance the nose may get bigger, it's a girl. If the mom gains a normal amount of weight, carries the child in the front like a basketball, and the facial features do not change, it's a boy! I find it funny, but so far it seems to work. Good Luck to you!!


terri - June 12

hey jessb, thanks for the information. i have three boys and when i seen their private i definetely knew right away what i was having but the ultrasound was also farther along. i was near the end of my pregnancy and i was soo hoping for a girl this time because this is for sure my last pregnancy. but in end all that counts is if the baby is healthy but thanks for posting.


AMB - June 12

It is difficult to say one way or the other (the tech. didn't tell you what he/she thought). I am a sonographer and with out seeing the pictures It is difficult to say.......


terri - June 12

AMB... here they are not allowed to tell you what they think. there is a notice up before you go into the room to tell you that it is not ethical for them to determine the s_x of the baby. i think that it is due to some aborting the child based upon the s_x.


britt_m - June 12

With my dd they pointed out 3 dots/lines and she came out a "she." With this one you can easily see no lines or dots and a p___s. Hmm sounds like you may have a good shot for a girl : ).


mjvdec01 - June 13

Can you scan the ultrasound photo so we can look? I am sure AMB could tell you if the rest of us couldn't.


beka81 - June 13

Well, i went for my 20 week scan yesterday and the 3 dots mean a girl! That's what I'm having! Congrats!


clindholm - June 13

When I went on my last one, they pointed out the 3 dots and said- GIRL and she was- Congrats!!!


terri - June 13

mjvdec01, yeah i can scan the photos..lol.. i never knew thought about it.. i will scan shortly when i get a chance to use the desktop downstairs.. when the kids are awake i use the wireless internet upstairs.


mjvdec01 - June 13

Great. I'll be looking for it. You may also want to post specifically for AMB on a new thread, since she is an ultrasound tech.


Tasha - June 14

Hi Terri, what part of Canada are you in? Im in the West and Ive never heard of them not being able to tell you the s_x, there is no issue of that where Im living. They make you sign a consent form telling them whether or not you want to find out, but we are definalty allowed to know if we want. I just find it strange that some parts don't in the same country, and considering Canada is pretty up on human rights...just curious...good luck!


terri - June 14

hey tasha, well i live in nova scotia and they will not tell you at all when you go for your ultrasound. my last pregnancy i had to travel to halifax which is about an hours drive and pay for the 3d ultrasound which cost me close to 200 to find out the s_x. with every pregnancy that i had they wouldnt tell what the s_x was and it is province wide here unless it is a high risk pregnancy and than they will tell you if you want to know.


Bilmes123 - June 14

I live in Ontario Canada and they will tell you the s_x of the baby, but the person who does the ultrasound won't tell you, you have to wait until you go to your doctor so they can conferm the results. My sister waited a week to find out lol. But it was worth it.


terri - June 14

Bilmes123 , i was thinking about taking my ultrasound picture with me when i go to the doctor on the 2nd of july to see if she can tell. lol. they are used to giving ultrasounds farther along in your pregnancy and they should be able to read the ultrasound from what i am figuring.lol. i asked the doctor with my second pregnancy if he could tell me what i was having and he said that they dont put it into the report. when you go into the hospital here for your ultrasound there is a sign up outside of the ultrasound room that says that it is not ethical to tell you the gender of the baby. which sucks but i can see why they dont tell some.



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