Ultrasound Pic Doesn T Look Right

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shyann - June 19

I need some advise on my ultrasound picture I don't know if i'm overreacting or it's normal but where i'm from the ultrasound tech's just started offering the baby's pictures to the parents and I hade my ultrasound at 22 weeks and got the picture back today and it doesn't look right to me it looks too boney you can't really see any of the baby's features so I panicked and called my doctor wanting to see him and his receiptionist said the picture looks the way it does because it's only a 2d ultrasound and the doctor reviewed them and said they looked fine the picture can be viewed at www.lisa-n-baby.piczo.com any input on this picture would be great as i'm a nervous wreck about it


Steph - June 19

Your picture looks totally normal. I think that you may have been expecting to see a profile view of your baby as opposed to a face view, which is what you have. Looks normal to me, and if your doctor said they look fine, then there's no need to worry. If the doc or u/s tech thought that anything was wrong with your baby, they would have asked for a 3-D scan. Don't worry and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy.


KLT - June 19

It totally looks normal! My tech forgot to give me my pictures!! Then made me wait a half hour more to get them..Idiot. Anyways, he just started going frame by frame saying You want this? You want that?? I said yes to everything. I can't tell what i'm looking at much either, but I could definitely see the spine and the shape of the head, altho it looks like an alien, and I got one labeled "girl parts". Don't freak out...all is good! : )


Micky - June 19

Shyann, I know why you are worried......A friend of mine had warned me before my ultrasound that the pictures will look scary..more like ghost pictures because it is all bones now...So, I was prepared...Some of my ultrasound pictures look weird too...Don't worry...everything will be fine...Doctors can tell rightaway if something is wrong...that's the reason they do the ultrasound...


Aviendha416 - June 19

Looks like your little peanut looked right at the "camera" and smiled for you!!! Looks just fine to me. Your baby can tell when you are stressed. Relax, listen to your doctor and enjoy having that little life inside you. 8-)


shyann - June 19

thank you so much everyone for the responses it has calmed my nerves alot i guess i expected the picture to look different because i seen my cousins ultrasound picture and it looked like a actual baby with all the features and my picture looks more like a x-ray picture


EB - June 20

The tech gave you a very unusual US view, a close up of the facial bones. I think s/he should have done you a favor and given you a profile of the baby, which is more typical and something you would be familiar with.


mischelly30 - June 20

This looks a lot like my u/s pic too. Since they take the u/s for diagnostic purposes, it makes sense that you'd see bone and organ development in the photos. It's cool.


amber508 - June 22

it looks totally fine.... some babies dont want to give a profile view.... I am sure all is well. Take care and enjoy your pregnancy! Congrats!


venus_in_scorpio - June 23

i think all ultrasounds are freaky i had 3 so far and im only 18 weeks (suspected high risk) and they all looked freaky and u can only see one of the babys arms so i freaked and thought my baby only had one arm... but i know its silly. ultrasounds do just echo soundwaves theyre not a camera. :o)


venus_in_scorpio - June 23

the docs or the tech will tell you if something is wrong...


littlemama1022 - June 23

The pic looks totally normal!



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