Ultrasound Question Re Boy Parts

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TamaraAngel - January 17

I was just wondering what a baby boy looks like in a profile shot? I have looked at u/s pics online and the ones showing gender are usually done underneath and show legs, butt, and boy or girl parts. Is that the only way to determine the baby's gender?? The reason i ask is b/c i had an u/s done at 14 weeks. The tech said it was too soon for him to attempt a guess at gender and he was not willing to try until i'm closer to 20 weeks. He just checked heartbeat and gave me a profile pic. Well today my friend took one look at the picture and said, "That's a boy! There's a p__s!" In the pic you see the round head and profile of the face... a hump of the belly... one arm along the baby's side... and legs. Below the belly in the middle of the baby is a white line, slightly arched. There's no shape to it... it's just a single, fine, white line. I know it's hard to give an answer without seeing the pic but i was just wondering what your baby boy looks like in a profile picture, and if it's similar to that. I don't know that much about u/s pictures so i'm unsure why some parts come out black, and others white. Any thoughts?


aaaaaaaaaa - January 17

Heres some ultrasound pics of our boy, Coudlnt see ANYTHING from the side, but he had his knees up so maybe thats why. Theres profiles and a "boy part" picture,.... take out any dashes if there are any in the link: textbookmusic.net/misc/ultrasound.jpg


DownbutnotOUT - January 17

Im sure a trained u/s tech would know way better than your friend and if he says too early for him to tell im sure he is correct. Also that faint line could be the umbilical cord or anything really. It could have been the babies skin reflecting??


TamaraAngel - January 17

Hmm... maybe it's the umbilical cord, good suggestion. Same general location. The thing is the tech wouldn't even TRY to see gender, it's not that he couldn't tell. He said he wont do it until closer to 20 weeks.


sarahsteele - January 18

its probably the umbilical cord, i have an ultrasound pic of my wee boy in a profile shot and it shows the umbilical cord and it looks like a p___s.


c_baer19 - January 18

Tamara, 14 weeks is usually too early to tell anyway - my husband works in the radiology department so they were going to try and see if they could tell us early, and he asked the doctor if he could tell, and the doctor looked at how far along I was and literally laughed, lol. He said he couldn't tell until at least another few weeks.


lombowith1 - January 19

My first one was a boy--and we found out at 14 WKS!! My second is a girl and we found out at 15 wks so I can't believe they wouldn't even try. I'm pretty sure you can't see in a profile. I looked back at my d/s's u/s and the umbilical cord looks like a p___s. Both of my u/s to determine s_x were an "undercarriage" shot. I went to a place near me that charges $25 for an u/s. I would try someone else if you're dying to know. Hope that helps...



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