Ultrasound Results

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Chrissy - November 8

I just wanted to know from those of you that have had ultrasounds already what the results were. I am due April 22, and Dr said he would schedule my ultrasound during my next visit the 14th. I can't wait to find out if it is a boy or a girl. I am so excited, this is my second child. I have a little girl who just turned 2. She keeps saying that I am having a boy... 'little minds!!'


Tess - November 8

Im 13 wks this Friday *11/11* and I dont get to find out our baby's gender til about Im 18-20 wks. I can't wait either. My due date is on May 19th. Hmmmmm Im not sure if this is true but my maternal instict feels its goin to be a "girl" :P (well doesnt really matter as long the baby is healthy and normal)


~Terra - November 8

Hi Chrissy.. I'm almost 20wks, and I have a daughter who's five, and she said "it's a girl mom" and we all thought I was having a boy.. I had my ultrasound at 19wks, 6days, and they are pretty sure that I'm having a girl... So maybe your daughter has good intuition like Mine,


kj - November 8

I am 19 weeks and just had an ultrasound last week. My baby girl was spread eagle! It was so cute! I was convinced I was having a boy, so maybe she was spread eagle so that I would stop calling "her" him.


jenn - November 8

I'm 20 weeks, had my ultrasound yesterday, ITS A GIRL!


Chrissy - November 8

Congratulations to all of you. I hope we all have happy healthy little babies.


Rachele - November 8

Hey!!! My 4 year old stuck to this baby being a boy the entire time. I would let her know that it could be a boy or girl, she would reply with "I know its a boy" Sooo when I went for my ultrasound and found out it was a boy, she just said "see i told ya" It was so sweet and she seemed proud to have been right the whole time. I kinda had a gut feeling it was a boy also but figured they would say girl (just because I thought it was a boy, usually gets turned) Anyways goodluck with whatever you may have. Im due march 17th by the way, with my second child :P


Tamisha - November 11

I am going on 20 weeks and I had my ultrasound on the 8th. It's a girl!! My step-daughter JUST KNEW it was going to be a girl and she was right.


js - November 11

My son thought mine was a girl... I had it yesterday 19 1/2 weeks - its a BOY!!!


alix - November 11

Had my scan on wed and i was convinced it was a boy but its a GIRL!! It was amaizing i even saw her yawn! it was so real we counted 5 fingers and toes. its my first and i never believed how happy i would feel. she is due on mothers day on March 26th hope she arrives then i would be nice to have my first mothers day present as a daughter. hope you are all well and happy xx


Terra - November 11

it's funny with kids, some of them just seem to have a good intuition about things... I guess I'm planning on a girl for now, and if I have another ultrasound along the way I should be able to find out for sure, as I get further along.. You get to a point there is no denying the s_x either way! especially an ultrasound at 9months, *like with my first born*



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