Ultrasound Results In Tomorrow

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mandee25 - July 5

Tomorrow I have to call my doctor for the ultrasound results and I am a little anxious to find out. I am trying not to worry since the u/s tech didn't seem alarmed about anything. Do any of you know what exactly they can pick up on the ultrasound, like what do they test for?


SuzieQ - July 5

I think they check the heart chambers, ensure the organs look healthy, check the brain hemispheres, etc etc. How many weeks were you at the time? I'm referring to one I had at 18 weeks. Also, here in canada, the tech will call in a second person if there's a problem at all and they will tell you if they see anything wrong. The tech can't, but the second person is more of a specialist (sorry,can't remember what they're called) and is able to reveal that type of information. Did you find out if it was a boy or girl???


mandee25 - July 6

No we couldn't find out the s_x because the umbilical cord was in the way lol


Perl - July 7

Hi Mandee, I had my 20 week u/s today. The u/s tech gave me a lot of info as she went along but she told me the info goes to a radiologist who makes a report to my OB who in turn will tell me more at my next appointment. If you don't already know, check for an estimated length and weight of the baby and whether those measurements indicate the same estimated due date; baby's heart rate; the brain, lungs, heart, stomach, eyes, bones on the arms and legs, were all checked out--if there's a problem with any of it then it should be on the report. Also your u/s tech may have checked the baby's nuchal fold also: 6 mm is an indicator (but not a definite one) of a possible Down syndrome problem. Less than 6 mm on the nuchal fold and your baby's in good shape. Also, the radiologist may be better at interpreting the images than the u/s tech and possibly give an educated guess as to the gender. Good luck!


mandee25 - July 7

Perl, thanks for the info. I didn't know all that but I have my 5 month appointment with my OB Monday so she should have the results and I will be able to rest a bit better.


Kira_lynn - July 7

I go on monday to make sure baby doesnt have spina bifida, but i've already had 4 u/s and the spine looked great in all those....stupid afp test..sooo not worth it.


sonotec75 - July 8

Mandee25, I hope you don't mind me coming in to answer you question. I happen to be an ultrasound tech. Unfortunately "we" are unable to give results to the patient. It is against our license. Yet if there were a problem it would seem that the tech would have gone and gotten the radiologist. That is at least what I would have done. It is okay to tell the mother the s_x, the age, and the weight. As far as what we can see.... We look at all the vital organs. 4 chamber heart. bladder, stomach, liver, kidneys...etc We also look at the internal structures of the head to make all is a-ok. When we check the spine we look to make sure that the skin is covering the spine in all areas. Again..if a tech sees anything wrong with any of these they should get the rad to come take a look and scan themselves. I hope this helps.


Perl - July 8

Sonotec: that would explain why when last year after I miscarried and it was discovered in an u/s, the tech would not say a thing to me. Instead she went and got one of the Drs. (although not my own Dr) to come and give me the bad news. *** BTW, Sonotec, I'm sure your expertise would be helpful to Kristin over in the "Pregnant over 35" board. She just posted a question under the heading "The Suspense is Killing me" If you can check it out, I think she would really appreciate hearing your expert opinion (i.,e is it possible a radiologist may happen to see an image of internal s_x organs while looking at images of other vital organs or otherwise determine the baby's gender even if the u/s tech did not? Might the radiologist determine baby's s_x even if u/s tech did not? I think Kristin would like to know.) *****Good luck on Monday Mandee!


sonotec75 - July 9

Perl..I'm sorry to hear about your loss. I also lost one last summer. Unfortunately I was the one to find my own m/c. I'm not an expert in no way, but I like to make sure people know all that they can. As a matter of fact I tell my doctor to treat me as if I don't know anything at all. I wish you the best of luck and God Bless. Mandee....My prays are with you on your visit Monday.


mandee25 - July 9

sonotec75, wow thanks so much for the expert advice. It's very informative and appreciated. Tomorrow is the day when my doc will give me the actual results because last week they still weren't in. Perl, thanks for the good luck wishes!!! Thanks sonotec75 for the prayer!!!


LILMAMA - July 9

mandee.....when are you due??? i have my 5 month ultrasound on aug. 10th.


Kira_lynn - July 9

Mandee25, Im going tomorrow for my "SCARY" u/s. To check the spine for spina bifida. Im terrified, even tho the doctor isnt concerned, she says my AFP results are high (9/10) but that my subcrohnic bleed is probably responsible for the results. Silly me didnt ask if she used the right dates (i had a 32 day cycle and they keep referring to my 28 day cycle) Oh well good luck to both of us!


mandee25 - July 10

LILMAMA...I am due Nov 15th. It is so awesome to see your little one at the ultrasound. You will never forget it! Kira_Lynn, I am sure everything will be fine with your baby. I am so glad I didn't take that AFP test because it's not as accurate as it seems with all the false positives you hear about. My thoughts and prayers are with you Kira_Lynn and the rest of you ladies!!! My ultrasound results were fine. I went for my 5 month appointment today and everything seems great. My blood pressure was fine, baby's hb was good and strong and the growth was right on track. Back to work tonight! Yucky!


Perl - July 10

Congratulations Mandee on getting great results at your u/s!! (Thank you Sonotec).



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