Ultrasound VS Level 2 Ultra Sound

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Skyla - October 25

Can anyone explain the difference between the 2. I live in canada, How can I get a level 2.


swollenangel - October 26

Hi Skyla! I'm no expert, but from my exp the level 2 u/s is much more detailed than a normal u/s. With the level 2 u/s (usually take between 20-22wks) they do all the measurements (spine, legs, head circ, belly circ_mference), they also check the internal organs (stomach, heart, lungs, etc) also they check if the fluid is going through the umbillical cord properly and that your fluids are all right and they check the bloodflow (from you to baby) ... thats bascially all i can remember of mine - its really quite interesting when they do it and you can hear the sounds of the liquids and the blood swooshing and of course they check the heartbeat/heart rate. I'm not sure how things are in Canada (i'm in South Africa) but as far as i know the level 2 u/s is routine for everyone. Hope that helps! Have a great day =))


swollenangel - October 26

Sorry i meant they usually take one when you are between 20-22wks along ... Oops!


cynnababy - October 26

yep, swollenangel is right. level II u/s is very detail and you can see much more due to higher resolution machines. Over in the States, you usually get regular u/s unless there's some issue with the result, or something is not clear in your u/s. You can also request to have level II done instead of the regular one if you want to. It's up to your OB to approve it.


Gemini_Girl - October 26

Hi I live in scotland UK, here it depends where you get your treatment (as you can only attend the hospital/clinic that covers the area you live in, unless you go private) in my area and the clinic I attend I got an u/s at 12wks and a detailed one at 20wks which they called an anomoly scan, which checks all the things swollenangel mentioned, but this scan was optional. My friend stays about a 30min drive from me and at her local hospital you only get the 12wk scan and thats all, unless there's something wrong. So i guess some places do only carry out 1 scan routinely.



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