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angelhdfd - June 8

HOw many ultrasounds does the doctor typically give an average non complicated pregnancy?? So far we've only had two! Will we even get another one?


oliveoyl21 - June 8

usually they do about three sometimes four they do one at 8 weeks to confirm the pregnancy. and then they have one around 20 weeks to see if its a boy or girl if you want to know and they also check all the organs to make sure everythings there and developing normal and they measure the amniotic fluid. the last one is usually around the 36th week to see what position the baby is in


HeatherIsHopeful - June 8

some doctors only do oabout two... the first to confirm the pregnancy and get a more accurate due date n the second is the 20 development scan. my doc does not do the 36 week scan to measure amniotic fluid or position of baby, they just feel the position by hand. so dont be to concerned if you only get two or three scans.. its totally normal.


HeatherIsHopeful - June 8

i meant 20 week development scan lol. hope that makes sense.


mjvdec01 - June 8

My Ob does one at 8 weeks and another at about 18-20 weeks. They also offer a 28-32 week 3D ultrasound for an additional fee.


meg - June 8

My OB is very ultrasound happy. I'm currently almost 38 weeks, no complications what so ever, & I believe I've had 8 u/s! One at 6, 8, 12, 18...& at least 3 since then. It's nice to have so many!


TIFFY729 - June 8

HUH! Thats funny because I believe it just depends on the Doctor and possibly the kind of Insurance you have. My first daughter I had a u/s almost every visit for sure everytime I asked, but this time my doctor even went to the extent of denying me when I asked at my visit before last...all he said was there is no need. I probably would have been a little more p... off if it wasn't for my major u/s two weeks later.


angelhdfd - June 9

Thank you very much for your responses...has anyone ever tried the miracle moment 3d ultrasound?


Lisa68 - June 9

Im considered high risk due to my age, and I only had one so far and Im 15 weeks. I will have a level 2 ultrasound on the 27th of june, but thats in conjunction with my amnio. I heard high risk get alot of them, but so far not with this Dr.



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