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Erica - June 30

by what week can you determin the s_x?


Julia - June 30

around 16 weeks depending on the baby and it's position.


kathy - February 10

i dont think you can by week can you at all? i have the 4th grandson on the way in june i gave up on a grandaughter and my daughter called who has a 6 and 9 year old she id having a new baby in oct....hmmmmmmm mabe.....lol


levi - February 10

i found out at 17 weeks hope this helps.


kath - April 9

8 weeks


Trish - April 9

It would just be a guess by the tech if they told you the s_x before week 16+ now with an amnio they can tell earlier


Jenn - April 9

I go to my next appointment at 17 weeks. I'm really hoping we'll be able to tell the s_x then, I don't think I can wait much longer! Someone suggested to me to drink half a can of diet coke/soda beforehand to make sure the baby is up and moving around. Do you think it would make a difference?


Vina - April 10

Jenn, if thats true, I will drink coke before u/s :-) I have mine scheduled in 3 weeks, I'm now 15 wk. I can't wait.


Jenn... - April 10

A tall gla__s of orange juice on your way out the door will get the baby moving :)


Jenn - April 10

Orange juice sounds much healthier. If it works, great! I'll definitely try that. =)


Sara - April 11

You cannot determine the s_x at 8 weeks. The doctor says 17 (if that sometimes) and up. And it all depends on the babys position. Goodluck at your u/s!


Camie - April 12

I am scheduled to have my u/s on the 18th and I will be 18 weeks so hopefully the baby is in the right position I am so excited to find out what it is!!!!!!!!!


Beth - April 12

My last apt was at 19 weeks and my dr would not do it, at my dr's they wait until 24-28 weeks. I made sure to schedule my apt RIGHT at 24 weeks and I am making sure I get it done!! :0)


hartley's mom - April 12

My dr. did a u/s the day I turned 14 wks and said that there is only a very slim chance to find out and she was right baby was in a strange position it was like it was standing straight up! couldn't see a thing. The hb was 164 was so glad to hear this for the 1st time!!


B - April 13

Well my doctor is going to determine the s_x of my baby at 22 weeks 5 1/2 months just to get a good picture.


Heidi - April 13

I had an u/s done at 12 wks and she said it was a girl but was only 60% sure as it's too early to be 100% positive. Make sure you drink something before you go as I was told the fuller your bladder is, the better they can see your baby. Or at least that's how it was at my 12 wk u/s.


lisa - April 14

my doctor is going to do the ultrasound on the 20 week, it seemed to me so far along, I am reading everyones and they have had it so early



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