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Rainbowbrite - October 3

I was just thinking how in order to keep track of everyone who had their ultrasounds and who is going to be having their ultrasounds and when it would be good to dedicate a thread to it... to make it easier to keep track of! Everyone agree? anyone object? LOL... just kidding.. so for all who have already had their ultrasound... sorry but you're just going to have to list your details again. if you found out the s_x/or gender please be sure to list it so we can keep track of EVERYONE!!!! Since i'm starting the thread gosh darn it.... i can't find out until Oct 25th! But i'm going right away in the morning! I am thinking it is a girl! BUT WE WILL SEE!!! I can't wait to share with everyone!


Happymommy - October 3

Hi Rainbrowbrite--Good idea. I had my ultrasound last week Thursday at 16 weeks, 3 days. Baby was measuring right on for my due date, March 10. Weight was 5 oz (of course that is just an estimate!) We have a very active and wiggly baby. This is our third, but it didn't take away the joy of seeing our lo moving around. We did not want to find out if it is a boy or a girl and we got no hints from the ultrasound, so we were glad about that. Good luck to everyone else!


Rainbowbrite - October 3

Well you're very strong willed to not find out! I applaud you for that! But it is great that you're little one is doing well and measuring where it should be! i to thought this website would be a good idea because i find myself trying to backtrack through the threads trying to see when everyone is having theirs or who had theirs!!! Although you did not find out... do you have any kind of motherly instinct/gut feeling as to what you're having???


Daynae79 - October 3

Hey ladies. I have to wait untill Nov 1st to find out. Seems like forever away!! I will let you know as soon as i find out. I also feel like it's a girl.


sarah21 - October 3

I have my ultrasound on October 26th. I will be 18 weeks and 5 days at my ultrasound. And I am definitely finding out because I have the patience of a 2 year old.


val_jo - October 3

I had an "unofficial" u/s on Thursday (I work in the hospital and am friends with an u/s tech)and.........it's a BOY!!!!!! That was what my instincts told me all along. I am 16 weeks today. Go back to the doc on Monday and that's when we'll schedule the "official" anatomy scan. I still can't believe we're at this point--weren't we just talking about symptoms and m/s??


Rainbowbrite - October 3

Youre right behind us Daynae but i can imagine it feels like forever for you... how far along will you be at your appt? i'll be 19 weeks exactly! Oh yeah sarah you're the one who said you still peek at your xmas presents too huh? LOL.... TOO FUNNY!!!


izechsmama - October 3

i found out yesterday we're having a BOY! and hes due Feb. 28....


Daynae79 - October 3

i will be 19 weeks 3 days when i find out, so it should be accurate if the little tyke is cooperating : )


sarah21 - October 3

Nah, I was never a Christmas present peeker. My brother was, so by the time I came along they were really good at hiding them. But I hated the anticipation.


jennifer_33106 - October 3

This is a good idea!! I am going in for my 20th week scan on Oct. 8th so this coming monday and am ssooo excited.


hopeful24 - October 3

We found out on Sept 18th that we were having a baby boy. Everything looked perfect. We are super excited. I am measuring right on schedule and am due Feb 6!


cfuller - October 3

we found out September 4th at my 20 week visit that we are having a girl! I knew all along it was a girl so it was great to have that rea__surance :-) had another u/s on Monday and she is measuring exacly where she should be and everything looks great!


BriannasMummy - October 3

I have my u/s scheduled for Oct. 24th.. ill be exactly 20 weeks on that day. 3 weeks from today. Really good idea Rainbow.. im writing them on my calendar.. so ill remember!! ~Kristin~


cayingo - October 3

We found out yesterday at my 17w level 2 u/s that we're having a BOY! He's very healthy ( esti. to be 7 oz already), and measuring a bit ahead of lmp. Due date went from March 11 to 6. But we all know how acurate due dates are. Should be more like a due month for me. DD was 4w early. We'll see what this one has planned. :)


Chris1975 - October 3

My 19wk ultrasound is next Friday (Oct12) and I am going to find out s_x then too as i definately cant wait another 20 weeks to find out! hehe. I have a gut feeling its a boy, but everyone around me thinks its a girl. Who knows!


Shannon85 - October 3

Im 23 weeks and im due January 31st with my first baby and we just found on September 25th its a GIRL im so excited just to know what im having makes it so much more real.



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